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My Washer went out and within a day, they were fast and discovered the issue, the repairer declared the washer couldn't be fixed and I got a check within seven days to buy another washer. I had a few different plumbers to take a look and they couldn't solve it. HomeServe USA was extremely helpful, simple to work with. The customer service reps were very knowledgeable.

My dad has just passed away. A friend of mine had a home warranty with HomeServe USA and he suggested that I get a home warranty to help with the things that my dad used to deal with. So I purchased a plan from HomeServe USA. It's their basic plan that covers my heating and air cooling unit and I have benefited by having it. I had a remarkable experience with HomeServe USA.

My experience with HomeServe USA was incredible. HomeServe USA worked with me to get a program that worked with my budget. They were very personable and didn't quit until I was alright with the contract price. They worked superbly answering all of my questions and really sold me on HomeServe USA. Without it, you'll pay high service charges, parts, and labor charges.

We had pipes leaking and a running toilet. HomeServe USA sent somebody to check the leak. They couldn't fix it since it wasn't covered under our home warranty, however, they fixed the toilet. Their technician came in less than a day and he was incredible. He explained everything to me and he did the job. It was a good experience. I'm moving to another city and I will purchase HomeServe USA again.

I had submitted a claim for the plumbing with the HomeServe USA. The water spill wasn't clear it would have been harming anything. The representatives were cordial however they experienced some difficulty getting people out. I needed to hold up a bit to get the fix, however, I got another water heater. The contractor was extraordinary. I've had a few issues where I didn't feel that I could wait and didn't use HomeServe USA. However, luckily this time, they could do that. It's a smart thought to have a home contract. I'd recommend HomeServe USA.

Lin F.    
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1 year ago

Homeserve USA is exceptional because of its incredible team and the plans. It has best coverage plans that are cheaper and can be personalized according to needs of the customers. The most appealing feature for me is the live chat option. I always connect through the reps on chat whenever I need them and they are always there to help.So far I have never had any kind of issue with the company. They are quick, responsive and professional. I would recommend the Homeserve to anyone.

I purchased a home warranty through Homeserve USA covering several different items in my house.Installed them quickly, efficiently.Took care of my water heater recently. Happy with how they were efficient in taking my claim and sending out someone to help me out. Anything covered is always very valuable.They handle everything like a professional would do. They have amazing customer service and are very helpful in every way possible.Once you contact them they return your call or email very quickly. You set up an appointment with them, they make your appointment as soon as possible. The peace of mind knowing you are secured with your warranties gives me a safe feeling. Great value, great service.

I love the customer service for this company basically on the grounds that the company has a decent reputation in it. It keeps people connect together as a gathering to improve their company. The coverage of this company is great since they had made many people spare enough time to take a shot at and consult on an answer. The value to me is extremely justified, despite all the trouble since I think whether you simply have the item or on the off chance that you stay with this with you for a little longer then you'll potentially have each benefit they offer. I would highly recommend them to others!

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  • Adress: 601 Merritt 7, 6th Floor,Norwalk,CT
  • Phone: (855) 336-2465
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  • Website: www.homeserveusa.com

About HomeServe USA

Home Serve USA is a company that devotes its all services to cater your needs. It gets costly to maintain your home and we provide you with the ease of taking all your expenses and let you relax in times of any break downs. Our home warranties are an easy way of live and brings betterment to every home. We work towards a goal that improves your lifestyle. Now you do not have to worry about anything and let us take control. Our warranty programs are straight and there are absolutely no hidden charges. You can get further information through our website.

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