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1 year ago

My Washer went out and within a day, they were fast and discovered the issue, the repairer declared the washer couldn't be fixed and I got a check within seven days to buy another washer. I had a few different plumbers to take a look and they couldn't solve it. HomeServe USA was extremely helpful, simple to work with. The customer service reps were very knowledgeable.

The washing machine didn't spin. The repairman fixed the washing machine however, it now makes a great deal of noise when it spins. The repairman was extremely courteous and set aside the effort to clarify the problem. The repairman for the refrigerator was knowledgeable about his work and he ensured I knew about the issue and clarified why he couldn't totally fix the fridge. American Home Guardian sent us a check to help us with buying another refrigerator. Thanks to American Home Guardian.

I went on google and searched for some moving companies and I loved the price of Molloy Brothers Moving. The rep was available and everything went fine however the pickup day was three days after it should be at first. The delivery date was the last day of the three weeks that they gave, so the planning was terrible. There was no dedication and no follow through on the time. She said she was trying as she could with the scheduler. The agreement said that they had so many days to deliver and she kept on reminding me about it. The crew was somewhat slow on both ends once things got started but they were fine.

Alliance Movers was somewhat less in price than the other company I took a look at. The moving coordinator I worked with was great and helped me out a lot. The date that I moved fluctuated by two or three days and she was happy to work with me to ensure my dates were flexible. In certain instances, they went well beyond what might have been expected and we appreciated all of his help.

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