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Assurant Service Protection is best. I purchased a warranty plan for my Danby Deep-freezer it was a new brand for me and I did not know the history of repair. I purchased the plan online and they sent a confirmation email and I downloaded the file. I got the deep-freezer repaired last month as it was having compressor's issue. I called the service center they were kind and prompt. The agent came and arranged a quick repair. Planning to buy a policy for my kitchen appliances too.

I purchased a warranty for my electric appliances from the Cross Country in 2015 and I have always had best experience with the company. They are quick to respond and very kind. The customer Rep Jim is always there to process the claims for us. Last month our washing machine broke down. We Called Jim he managed to send a repairman as well and fully covered the repair. Cross Country's plans are good and rates are lower. I would recommend it to anyone.

It is the best company with incredible people. It provides extensive coverage and personalized plans. The customers can also find the price quotes from online service of the company. The customer service s available 24/7 on phone and email and they are very quick to respond and resolve the issue. I purchased 2 warranties from the company 1 is for my kitchen appliances and the other is for electric appliances. I am never disappointed with Endurance. Would recommend it to anyone.

Fidelity is just incredible. I purchased the warranty 5 years ago I am very satisfied with my decision. Its plan are cheaper but the coverage is too good. I purchased my house in 2013 and same year bought a warranty. I have had great experience every time. The heating system of our house was not working and needed immediate repair because of the cold weather. I called the hotline of Fidelity and they were quick and communicative. Everything was done on phone. They allowed me to get it repaired and reimbursement was made in 2 days. Highly recommended.

I have been the customer of the Home Security from several years now and by far found it the best in every way. I have had great experiences and never get disappointed. Last time was facing the annoying issues regarding plumbing. There was water leakage in one of the bathroom and it almost became dysfunctional. I called HSA hotline, the re who received my call was very kind and communicative she took details and put Km on call. He was an expert. He took details explain the problem and processed the case. The repair was done on immediate basis and HSA paid the bills in 3 days.

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Homeserve USA is exceptional because of its incredible team and the plans. It has best coverage plans that are cheaper and can be personalized according to needs of the customers. The most appealing feature for me is the live chat option. I always connect through the reps on chat whenever I need them and they are always there to help.So far I have never had any kind of issue with the company. They are quick, responsive and professional. I would recommend the Homeserve to anyone.

Nationwide is just exceptional. I have been the customer from several years and purchased different policies from the company that almost cover every valuable appliance and machinery in my home. I am repeat business for the company and has recently renewed the policy on kitchen items. I am very pleased and satisfied with the Nationwide's services. The staff is amazing and available on phone, email and live chat. Filing and processing of the claim is just the matter of hours. I would recommend the NHW to anyone.

Old Republic Home is the best company by far I have experienced. I switched to this company 2 years ago after 3 frustrating experiences of the other companies. They were slow, irresponsible and expensive. I almost gave up on home warranty services. My neighbor recommended ORH and I could not be happier and grateful. It is just amazing. The customer reps are always available and will go and beyond to help you. I filed a repair claim for my washing machine, they processed the claim in just hours and I got the reimbursement after 2 days. Highly recommended.

Secure Home Warranty is too good. They actually secure your home and are always there to resolve the issues. I purchased a plan from SHW in and it is the best plan. I had the option to personalized the plan and it also allow maximum coverage. I have always had great experience whenever I filed a claim. The matters are taken care of by the team SHW and they are prompt and kind and make things easier for you. I would recommend it to anyone.

It is the best company by far I have had a chance to experience. I was truly impressed by its team responsiveness, communication and kind behavior when I purchased home warranty for my electric appliances and fixtures. The company provides better coverage with cheap rates and they allow its customers to personalized the plan. The customer rep can be contacted through live chat also and that is the most appealing feature. It makes the claim process quick and straightforward. Highly recommended.

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