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My communication with American Home Guard was quick and responsive. The service provider has also been polite and they call a half hour before they turn out. But, we were not happy with the first contractor worker who turned out twice without fixing the dryer. He needed to arrange one more part; it was going on 2 weeks since we reported the issue. Other than that I am happy with the results I have had.

We had an urgent issue with our gas heating system. We reached American Home Guard and got a quick reaction with the contractor responding within 24 hours. Thanks to the excellent caring service. They have been excellent in any way and providing the top-notch service. The rates are exceptional. You can't get such excellent service at such minimal rates. I have been with them for nearly 2 years now and will keep on making the most of their service in future moreover.

American home guard has been way too helpful than i imagined. I am a new user. I got their protection plan a year ago. Never got a chance in trying out their coverage facility until recently. My clothes dryer stopped running. It had some issue that did not let it complete a round. I applied for the expense coverage which was sorted out very quickly. It was super amazing. The staff was highly cooperative making it such a convenient time for us. I was given immediate response and i resumed my home work. Efficient and efficient service. Keep it up!

American Home Guard has been incredible. The people that they call have been extraordinary. The only thing is the point at which I call, I like someone right around my vicinity. Just a single time two or three years prior, they reached me and said the place is in Fresno and I felt that it was too far. They reached another person and they were from Tulare. So it made it exceptionally pleasant and convenient. In any case, other than that, the people that turn out are, exceptionally pleasant and clarified everything. I'm exceptionally happy with them.

I have been a customer of the company from several years and files repair claims several time also. Last month one of the washroom was having the plumbing issue. I called the ever favorite Jim and he sent the plumber n no time. The problem was fixed in hours. The company has also hired highly professional team that know how to get the job done perfectly. This company is also rated best in the companies reviews for its outstanding services. Highly recommended.

American home guard actually work like guards who contribute in keeping your home protected. I had their warranty some time ago. It was reasonable to buy it and even worth buying when i got into situations where i really made use of it. My kitchen water pipes started malfunctioning and i got the chance to claim my warranty. They have such a professional team and friendly people who work so hard to keep the customers happy. My coverage process was pretty smooth and i was glad that it was hassle free. What i loved most about the policy was that it had no hidden charges.

I was originally looking for a repair man who could fix my oven for a low cost. I came across American Home Warranty during my search and I am so happy I found them.I called them to submit a claim and they get somebody out right away, and their service is that simple. The customer service representative who sold me the policy was extremely knowledgable and was able to clearly and accurately tell me what was covered and not covered under the policy. American Home Guard could not find a local technician to service us promptly, so they immediately authorized us to bring in a local appliance repair company. I am really satisfied with the way they resolved my queries and I really appreciate the work they have done.

AHG is the best warranty service I have came across so far. I purchased a policy and warranty for my electronic appliances 2 years ago and MAN I am so relaxed after that. Anything needs to be fixed just call the company ask for assistance and the expert will be at your door step in no time. They alwaus send a best service man who have exyensive knowledge of their field and honestly do their job.I have to pay just service charges and my appliances are done.Best service ever!!!!

American Home Guard offers a wide range of home warranty coverage, policies, and plans tailor-made to meet your specific needs.I bought this plan to specifically cover all of my systems.I had a bad problem with my washing machine . I called in to file the claim. I was so happy they let me use him because he always did a great job.They replaced the motor for me all I had to pay was my $50service fee which was wasn't too bad. I hope nothing else goes wrong but for what it's worth there willing to work with you. Very good job.

They provide the excellent service, I got my sewage problem fixed. Got the plumber appointment in quick time.

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