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I had an issue with my AC I was very worried and I made a call to 365 Home Warranty’s hotline number as instructed when I need assistance. Someone picked up right away and started the claim for me. A technician came by the next day and fixed everything pretty quickly. Definitely happy with 365.They have been excellent for me. They are very courteous and professional. The repairman came out quick and was good too. Getting a warranty plan from 365 Home Warranty is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.Defintely a very convenient service. I bet you would never find another contractor that responded so quickly when something broke.I will give them five stars rating for their service.

I have been working with Allied Home Warranty and always wonder on their knowledge and punctual service. When I had an issue with my home heating system, I loved the way they handled and tackled the situation.Their reps are courteous and able to answer my questions. The technician who came out explained to me how to fix the issue, how much the cost is and how long it would take to get fixed.Their representatives are clever at work, trustworthy and are ready to help all the time.I had reached out to multiple warranty companies and received the run around quotes that not even realistic, or even explainable... I have recommended a couple of my family members since and one of them called me today to express her gratitude for the recommendation.

I was originally looking for a repair man who could fix my oven for a low cost. I came across American Home Warranty during my search and I am so happy I found them.I called them to submit a claim and they get somebody out right away, and their service is that simple. The customer service representative who sold me the policy was extremely knowledgable and was able to clearly and accurately tell me what was covered and not covered under the policy. American Home Guard could not find a local technician to service us promptly, so they immediately authorized us to bring in a local appliance repair company. I am really satisfied with the way they resolved my queries and I really appreciate the work they have done.

My experience with this company has been great from the get-go.My air conditioner went out . I filed my claim online. I really like the guy who came out. He was very professional and efficient to diagnose the problem and found a resolution as quick as possible. They make sure to let me know how the service call process is going and continues to keep in touch with me through it all.The tasks were completed in a timely manner. The technician was friendly and helpful.They were able to assist me with my home repairs and the customer service was quick to respond on my queries. Everything was easy, timely, and efficient with no hassles. I strongly recommend them.

I bought warranty from Assurant to cover my refrigerator.When my refrigerator got damaged I submitted a claim .The repair man came to my house within a few hrs and quickly fixed it. He went up and beyond before he left he made sure u saw the the items he worked on were working.I really appreciated the team effort and the time they have given to give me the best possible service they can give.They have gotten me out of plenty of problems since I have been using them. I am very pleased with the attention to detail and expertise. The staff is friendly and egger to help! I have given their contact information to several people.

This is probably the best home warranty company I have worked with. It has been a solid company so far. The technician that they recently sent out was friendly and explained the repair so that a non technical person could understand.Every time I have gone through Endurance for home repairs has been a good experience.My dishwasher got damaged and they sent somebody to fix it.Look at that turnaround time! This kind of service is why it is easy for me to Stand Behind my product.I am very grateful to him as well as Endurance for their help in getting this resolved.Fair price, fast service and very accommodating staff. I'm very happy with this company.

This is probably the best home warranty company I have worked with. We have the comprehensive, and they have exceeded my expectations.Communication has been easy and good as well. I just recently had a claim that they took care of. They were able to fix my water heater.I am satisfied with the work that they completed.I have always been pleased with the rapid service response and expert technicians .This was the first time I had ever used a home warranty and I am thrilled.I was very pleased with his work and I definitely recommend this company to those look for a new home warranty company.

I have been with HSA for 3 years now and they have taken very good care of me.I really appreciate the quick response to my plumbing issue that turned out to be a slab leak under the foundation of my home.The companies that they send out for repairs are always knowledgeable. Some of them even take the time to explain what they are doing, and that really gives me peace of mind.Claim submittals are quick as can be expected and payments for claims are turned around quickly. The contractors are timely- they called to schedule within the 4 hour response time. They communicated well, they were knowledgable.I am appreciatice of the service and timeliness of the request.

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I purchased a home warranty through Homeserve USA covering several different items in my house.Installed them quickly, efficiently.Took care of my water heater recently. Happy with how they were efficient in taking my claim and sending out someone to help me out. Anything covered is always very valuable.They handle everything like a professional would do. They have amazing customer service and are very helpful in every way possible.Once you contact them they return your call or email very quickly. You set up an appointment with them, they make your appointment as soon as possible. The peace of mind knowing you are secured with your warranties gives me a safe feeling. Great value, great service.

I had been with thiis company for last 4 years This past year they took care of a plumbing issue and my washer and dryer. The service reps are polite, caring and even followed up with me to make sure the apt time and date was correct.Their coverage is truly amazing and is very helpful and I really like how they go about doing things professionally. Their coverage is a range of everything. It shows everything labeled on rates. The value of their product is truly awesome and is very good. This is good for company because it helps generate the customers into their establishment to keep on working with their customers to find out what they need and what they want.

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