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Purchasing an extended auto warranty from America Auto was the best decision. I was kind of fed up from repair and maintenance issues of my Toyota Prius 2014 that would drain my savings every other month. I was seriously considering to trade off this car. Uber seemed to be more convenient and affordable option. My colleague recommended me to buy an extended warranty from any authentic company. I searched online and read reviews about a couple of extended warranty providers and America Auto seemed to be the best among all. I purchased 100% coverage plan and trust me it is worth buying. My Prius is in the best condition since I purchased warranty from AAC. The staff is exceptional and they are available 24/7. They deliver what they promise. Highly recommended.

America Auto Care was highly recommended by the dealership where I purchased my car from. In case something would go with the car lease, I could get it fixed without draining my savings account. The mechanic I went to dealt with me. The response from America Auto Care was quick. With their coverage, I don't pay a lot. I was satisfied with the whole process.

America auto care has proved to be beneficial to my car. I got the extended auto warranty from them for my car 2 years back. The car often gives me a headache which is ultimately solved by this company putting me into a comfortable position. Now i do not have to worry about it whereever i ago. I have developed more confidence and i have felt i make more road trip plans than before! This is actually a good company with amazing crewmembers cooperatively working. I was really happy by their commitment and hard work. It is also quite cost effective for me.

When I talked to America Auto Care, I could get a type of warranty all through a period of time that I needed. The rep worked with me to get me the type of warranty I needed. I have a 2013 truck and it just has 30,000 miles on it. I did a few negotiations and we got it where we required it to be. Also, he clarified everything pretty well. Also, I could get back to when I had questions once I went through the contract. The other rep that I addressed could truly characterize the inquiries that I had and she helped me get it. I would recommend them.

I was looking for extended mileage beyond the factory, bumper-to-bumper with electronic coverage, and low cost for my Car. I called and told them what I wanted.The interactions that I had with the rep of America Auto Care were fairly brief. I took their extended warranty plan. They explained the policy to me and they assisted me greatly.They also had deals such as free oil change for a year and money back. I just made my first payment and everything seems to be fine. I would tell people that getting a warranty from America Auto Care is a good deal, if they compare the price of the warranty to the cost if they have to get their engine replaced.

This is the best company and I have been using its services from 5 years. I purchased the warranty for my car in 2013 and two years ago my wife also purchased a car and got it warrantied through AAC. It is the just exceptional. The staff s very cooperative and will help you get the best deal. The prices are low and the coverage is out class. I got my car repair after an off-the road trip that took its toll its engine. I could not be happier.

I got a warranty for my wife's car from American Auto Care last year. The thing i liked most about the company was their behavior with the clients. I got the contract handled by a very friendly worker there. All my questions were answered in detail and by the end of it i was pretty much convinced and satisfied to get the warranty. My experience has been good ever since and now i am planning on getting my car a warranty from this company too. The cost is also reasonable with efficient services. So i would recommend this to all those looking for an auto warranty company.

I bought a warranty a few months ago for my car. I found something I may be interested in so I took advantage and signed up. The reps I dealt with on the purchasing was good.American Auto care treated me very well. They came through for me. They explained the policy to me and they assisted me greatly.They have reasonable prices. I ended up getting the Exclusionary and it came with free maintenance coverage. They paid the whole maintenance plan. This shows me that there is care and application for the type of vehicle being worked on was the correct fit and replacement for the parts that were bad.Good support with integrity.They are awesome and I recommend them to everyone I know.

I was recommended by my friend to use the American Autocare services to fix my car engine that was making so much noise and also had petrol leakage issue. The company sent an agent when I contacted them online and he was the Expert. He fixed the issue in 2 hours and I was able to join my friend in a farewell party that I was afraid to miss because of the engine issue . The charges of the American Auto are very cheap and the services quality is best. If you love your car and money equally consult American Carcare.

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1 year ago

The customer service from American auto care did a pretty good job and convinced me in signing up with them.. I was online looking for an extended warranty for my car .I requested a quote from several different companies. This was the only company that I spoke with that was willing to do this. The auto advisor who walked me through my policy and over all my options was really kind and professional. He answered all my questions and I was very satisfied. I'll be recommending them to family and friends.

As they said "Reliability for the unreliable driving times." they really own this statement. They are the exceptional service provider. I must recommend everyone.

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