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I have been using the extended warranty services of Carshield for last 5 years and I have never had any kind of issue. My car Cadillac 2015 is in much better shape because of Carshield. When it gets out of order I file claim and it is approved within hours. All you need to know is your contract. If your car is fully covered then you do not have to pay anything extra on repair. Highly recommended for peace of mind and better care of your car.

The dealer told me about the CarShield service and I got one. The multiple times I've had to use it, things have been taken care of pretty effectively. They've fixed a tire one time, and afterward, I needed to replace another tire since it got a nail in it. If I had any questions regarding the policy, they're quick to go look it up and double-check and simply ensure. I'm happy with my experience with CarShield.

My experience with CarShield was confusing. I was on the internet and I searched down them and asking more data and even before I completed the questionnaire they had, they called me. I went with them and afterward, however, when I called them to tell them I needed to drop the warranty, they continued forcing me to proceed to get a warranty on my new vehicle. They continued saying it would be less expensive over the long run.

I found about Car Shield right before my car's company warranty ended. I needed some source of protection for my car as the usage is much. I was called to their office for a meeting to settle down things. The agreement was set the same day exactly according to my needs and wants. I would like to highlight that they are extremely affordable so anyone can avail it. Last month the heating system stopped working which i got fixed and the expenses were quickly reimbursed. I was exactly looking for this kind of an efficient company. Hats off to them!

When it comes to extended auto warranty i would prefer and recommend Car Shield auto warranty company. I had an experience with a different company some time back which was not very pleasant. On a suggestion from my uncle i switched my warranty and got Car Shield protection. They have a wonderful team with extremely professional people working to satisfy customers. They also have a remarkable customer support service with extremely well trained employees. I got this warranty at a low rate and i have used the protection once so far which was smooth and amazing quality wise. Worth it!

Car Shield is finest i must say. Almost all our cars have the extended auto warranty from them. Half of my family trusts them due to their immaculate services till date. I was recently recommending it to a friend and he totally loved the free quote generation he got from them. Over all the company has served us well and has protected our cars throughout. We have never had any trouble in claiming the coverage or dealing with their staff. They quick response makes it a top priority for us as well. I mean who has the time the wait nowadays.

Nothing to complain about with CarShield. I've spoken to a couple of different reps and they're all pleasant, not pushy. One needed to get a supervisor to answer some of my inquiries, I figure he was new, however, in general, they're educated. Monthly payments are simply under a hundred bucks, so pretty reasonable, and plans come with towing and some money for rental cars when yours is in the shop. There is a small deductible, like $200 I think, so not all that bad.

I purchased an extended warranty from Carshield.To maintain my vehicle, I felt comfortable with CarShield as a warranty provider. I had a water pump go out in my car. They took care of that for me.It was all handled by the company.The best part is I only paid $100 for my deductible.The cost of the warranty was excellent and I've had a very good experience with their reps.They are definitely supportive when it comes to me having problems with my vehicle and they pay in a timely manner, too. They did a very good job. I don't have to worry in case something was to happen since I have CarShield. I’m glad I got CarShield.

I have had a wonderful experience with Car Shield. My dad gifted me my first car 2 years back and it is last winters that i bought the auto extended warranty from Car Shield. It was a little costly for me but i wanted to do something on my own so i saved an got this policy. I was thoroughly explained how this will work and how much it will cost me. They had no hidden charges which made me feel safe with my purchase. I was comfortable right away because their staff is really polite and warm. Recommended services!

I purchased an extended warranty from Car shield 7 months ago. My car's AC went out 1 months ago and needed to be replaced. My car dealership company Honda contacted the Carshield and the agent was prompt to response. Kim came over and verified the issue and accepted the claim. I just had to pay the $ 50 for the deductibles and rest of the amount was paid by the CS to the company. I could not be happier. Highly recommended.

I needed to have some reassurance when I bought a used car so I obtained a three-year service contract from Carshield.The cost was reasonable and it has been definitely worth it. CarShield works with their customers to create truly customized plans that meet their needs and budget.When the engine of my car failed, the claim went smoothly. It was all done through the dealership and parts of the engine were replaced.Their certified vehicle protection specialist was nice and they’re good to work, too. They helped me save a lot of money.CarShield is a good company. They’ll come in if something happens to your car. I really liked that so when I went to buy my second vehicle, I knew that I must get that warranty.

The CarShield reps were extremely friendly and convincing. I filed a case once when I had a PC glitch in my car. I took the car to the dealer and I demonstrated to them the coverage that I had. They had it on file and they said that they will deal with it. The issue was dealt with in several hours. CarShield gives a true serenity realizing that if something turns bad, I am secured insofar as I am in the warranty frame. It resembles having a life insurance on the off chance that you require it. Try not to leave your garage without the CarShield warranty.

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The best kind of vehicle protection and coverage company you will ever get a chance with is Car Shield. As our name is obvious, we protect your cars just like a protective shield. These are our extended programs to provide you with coverage when you need it the most for your vehicles which are your important assets. If you want to generate a free quote you can log on to our official website which is fully active. There you just have to add some information about yourself and your vehicle to get the quote. You can get to know more about our protection plans for your vehicle by giving us a call.

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