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These guys are amazing. I purchased a warranty plan from them and after 2 weeks my AC broke down. They got it fixed without any questions asked! It was really a burden to remove from my shoulders. Omega Auto Care has had phenomenal customer care and I highly recommend them to anybody searching for an auto warranty company that definitely puts the customer first!

When I had purchased my vehicle, I didn't get an opportunity to put in a warranty on it. I searched around to get some extended warranty on it despite the fact that it was near 100,000 miles just to be on the safe side. If anything breaks down, I have something to cover it. Omega Auto Care's price was great. I talked with their person and he gave me a decent quote. We had a decent, friendly talk and we went over everything and everything cut out great.

Omega Auto Care coverage holders don’t have to worry about skyrocketing repair costs since covered services are only subject to a pre-defined deductible based on their plan.Omega's claims process was simple.When I had an electrical issue with the master switch on the door, I went to the dealership and they took care of the repair. The cost is always high but the service is good, so it's worth it.The dealer of my car was so impressed with how Omega worked with them in getting the work needed on my car. The receptionist placed Omega in their system .I would also recommend them to people. They were perfect and easy to work with.

Omega Autocare is an incredible company. I purchased warranty from Omega 3 years ago for my second hand car.My dealer suggested me to buy warranty from Omega. I am very glad that I consider the suggestion. The customer service of Omega is Top notch. They are very cooperative, honest and responsive. They make sure you get the best out of them. My car hit a pole and its bonnet was damaged badly. I called the Joseph he reached at the scene and approved the repair claim. Highly recommended.

I took out an extended warranty from Omega Auto Care. I had to have my air conditioner repaired. I went to Christian Brothers Automotive, gave them my contract number and Omega's phone number, and they took care of every single thing. It got repaired quickly and it didn’t cost me anything.The approval of my claim was fast. They did it the same day and didn't take long.They always respond promptly when I reach out with a question, and make their coverage simple and easy to understand. Most importantly, they are quick to reimburse my covered auto expenses.Omega claims process was great. I was surprised that everybody was working to help us, even the cops and that’s what I like. Omega is very nice and others should go for it too.

Submitting a claim with Omega Auto Care was simply easy. My Chrysler 300's radiator was torn up and I took it to my mechanic. He filed the case and despite the fact that Omega Auto Care didn't pay for the entire repair, they paid for what they covered. I wish they'd cover everything except for I comprehended what they covered when I signed up. It was right around a thousand dollar repair and I just needed to pay $500 of it, or, in other words, thinking of $900. I had an incredible experience with Omega Auto Care.

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Omega Auto Warranty proviedes with the best warranty in the industry. We bring you amazing financial security for any repairs you may face. Oue extended auto warranty is well known as we have always given reliable services making sure our customers enjoy the best of the best. Our customer service is also as excellent as our other services. We have a crew that is qualified, trained and professional at what they work at. You can avail our warranty policies and programs at very reasonable prices with quick coverage procedures to save your time as well as ours and as we are efficient at what we deliver.

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