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We are exceptionally happy with the Protection 1, and love the ability to have the garage secured too. It is also exceptionally helpful to give people a chance to travel every which way from the house without giving codes out. Their customer service is also amazing. We also loved the easy install, and whenever we have used customer service, it has been great. I am definitely be going to recommend them to my friends and family. Must give them a try

The installer was awesome, we had a slight issue with the telephone line and he could come up an answer on the spot and could introduce the new security system. I was a customer of other ADT home security for more than five years previously I moved to my new house a year ago and for as far back as a year at the new house, I used an alternate security company... I chose to move back to ADT a month ago and the installer finding an answer to my issue proved to me that I made on the correct decision.

Protection 1 is number 1 home security provider by far I can say it with utmost confidence because this is not my first experience. The device looks great and very easy to install and monitor. You control it as you are at the driving seat of your security system. The mobile app will never fail you and you can monitor and control the security of your house. The cost of the equipment is competitive and its features, quality, reliability and performance beats all other similar security providing companies in all respect.

The plans offered by Protection 1 are best suited for homeowners, as the equipment is typically installed by a professional and you have 24/7 monitoring. We've been using them for almost a year and a half and they cover protection of the house, the assets, and the people inside of it.Protection 1 provided all of the protection at the best price and it was the best value of all the ones that I looked at. I like that feature. And now I feel safer and have fewer worries. The installation went very well. Having the system definitely made me feel more secure. I like that it tells me about the weather, too. I use their web and mobile controls and it's convenient and easy to use. Protection 1 is a great company.

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  • Address: 7255 Corporate Center Dr., Building 2, Bay F,Miami,FL,United States
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  • Website: www.protection1.com

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