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I couldn't be happier with our new system!! Installation was simple and the customer service was fabulous! Friendly and supportive! When I was having issues installing some of the sensors on the windows, the customer service rep had me send him pics to his email at that point talked about best placement. Walked me through the entire procedure. He was extremely tolerant! I am definitely be going to recommend them to my friends and family. Must give them a try

We installed Simplisafe in January 2017.The variety of sensors all performed well in our tests, and the redesigned hardware looks better than ever at no additional cost. Any time I ever had a problem they was the first to respond. They was there on time. They were very nice. It took them no time at all to set everything up and I have had no problems at all and that is all. I am very satisfied with the product monitoring capability. It works just as I thought it's going to be. I am able to see everything going on with my house when I'm not there. I feel a lot better about not being home. I don't have to worry about the security anymore. It is a great deal. Being able to know you're safe gives you peace of mind.It helps me monitor my house from anywhere. SimpliSafe’s system is completely customizable, so you can add products as you need them.

I have SimpliSafe in my home since I feel that my family's prosperity and security comes first and SimpliSafe comprehends that. The agent turned out and he was extremely professional, respectful of my home and my family. What's more, he had an incredible sense of humor. It wasn't about the job for him, it was the fulfillment from the customer and I honor SimpliSafe for that. It required him no investment at all to install our equipment. What's more, in addition to the fact that he did an extraordinary job! He separated everything concerning what we can get, what might be best for us and where everything goes.

SimpliSafe is just incredible. I purchase the device 5 years ago and would use it forever. The device's design, features, price everything is just super amazing. It is wireless security system and allow you to develop you own security system according to your needs using custom options. The company offers you to test and try its product for 60 days and if you are not satisfied just return it with 100% money refund. The system arrives at home ready to work and you do not need to install tools. I could not recommend enough. I juts love simplisafe.

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Home Security is as important as anything else. If you have a home you are responsible to keep your home safe as well. However, Simpli Safe has got your back since a very long time. We deliver you with the best quality security and alarm systems to keep your homes and families safe. Home security is done right with Safeli Home. We are a leading company in the market selling the best products to you which are reliable and long lasting. We make sure you get our systems at a fair price as we cut the unnecessary markup of the middlemen.

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