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Setup is simply straightforward since most of it is sticking sensors on walls and things. One of my sensors was bad on arrival, so Protect Your Home simply had me deliver it back and they gave me a working one. They guide you through using the control panel which would be confusing a bit. The operation is also very direct. Keep in mind your secret key (pass) and key phrase. Most of the time I arm and disarm using my wireless which requires just tapping an icon to arm or disarm.

I do love the system and I am extremely happy with it yet I was not informed that the monthly expense would turn out in the same time as other charges to pay for the system. I might have wanted to know the total amount up front. The main other concern I have is that when he was giving me the numbers for the installation he showed to me a second set of numbers that he had officially recorded as I figure his negotiating costs yet it felt more like managing an auto sales representative where you feel like on the off chance that you had said yes you would have been shown a good time. Otherwise, their service is exceptional.

Protect your home actually protects your home in the best and accurate way. It is super easy to install and operate. Initially I ordered starter kit and it worked exceptionally and that too without any hiccups. Its mobile app is just fluid and you can always monitor your home and cameras when you are out anywhere. I will definitely order more from the company because I am extremely happy and satisfied with their service. I would recommended it to anyone.

We had a reinstall of current system in house and some new equipment added as well.Tech was very knowledgeable and courteous.We are happy with ADT.We feel more secure with the system and I don't get up as often at night to go out and check things out. We all assume we our safe in our house and nothing like that will ever happen, but sometimes we take things for granted. Easy set up on the system and love the cameras. Win all around. If you are thinking of a alarm system for apartment which is what I have my ADT system in. Do it.Easy to move with you and setup in your new house if you move!Hopefully anyone else using their system will have as good of an experience as I have.

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Your house is the most important place for you that is why it is called a home. Protect Your Home is a company that provides you with home alarm and security systems at very reasonable prices. We want more and more people to make use of our security services and keep their homes safe that is why we try our best to be affordable by all. We give you the protection that you can trust and eventually rely on. Our monitoring is vigilant and our instruments are high end products that work extremely well. You can learn a lot more about us through our official website.

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