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This is the first alarm system I've ever had and I have had only great experience with GetSafe. The system itself is wonderful and the flexibility you need to put anyway many security pieces you need in what areas of the house are a benefit in my mind. I can't resist the urge to mention the ability to transfer this to another area for free of charge - without setup fees or wiring hassles. An extraordinary setup and incredible service. Keep it up.

Recently my neighborhood has experienced some safety mishaps in last few months. We have stopped feeling fully safe so we decided to get the security systems from Get Safe. We got really good quality camera and alarm system fixed inside and outside our house. The company provides with excellent customer service as well. It was affordable for us as the rates were in the bracket we had in mind. I recommended their services to other neighbors too and two of them have already got the security systems. It is an effective way secure your homes so i would give them 5 stars.

This system is simply awesome! Being a renter and a single lady in a ground floor flat, I was anxious about the security of my home. I have used other alarm companies previously and they all required long contracts that simply don't work in the renting world. The system was super simple to install, works similarly as promised, and the customer support has been extraordinary. I would now be able to go out and not stress at all and that by itself is priceless.

Get safe is a "SAFE" security system and will never disappoint you. Apart from its best performance, I also like its sleek design and its features like rechargeable battery and connectivity through sim card in case of power or internet outage. These are additional features that make security more effective and provide me peace of mind. It also has a built in sensor that can distinguish between an animal and human through temperature control and give you accurate information. The customer service is also exceptional they explain every step during installation , give demo and respond every time when you contact them. Highly recommended.

GetSafe provides hassle-free wireless equipment that can be easily relocated, just peel and stick wherever you want.They use a different base and equipment, and they offer a fresh, flexible approach to paid monitoring. Their packages include battery-powered motion detection sensors for windows and doors, glass break protection, a panic button, and medical alert.It has been a great addition to my home and I just love the sense of security that it gives me.The system is easy to use and fits well into my life.One of the best choices when it comes to home security today.Compare systems instantly and get the BEST PRICE.Remotely control your home FROM ANYWHERE.

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  • Address: 2600 Stanwell Drive,Suite 200,CA,United States
  • Phone: +1-888-799-6255
  • Email:
  • Website: getsafe.com

About GetSafe

Get safe with GetSafe! Our company makes sure your homes are safe. You need to keep your family safe and for that purpose you must keep your homes secure. We provide such easy to install security devices so that you can even do it yourself. Our products are made with high quality technology to give you long lasting devices which work effectively. You do not even have to spend a lot to secure your homes as we make it all affordable for you. We have a smart hub, entry sensors, motion sensors and sirens. You can get further information from our official website.

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