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I recently had a theft from my home, so I needed a security system that had cameras tied-in. I called FireX Smoke Alarms and the rep talked me through building a durable system. Their reps have all been wonderful and I've never had any terrible experiences with them. I've been a customer of theirs for around 2 years now. I feel a lot more comfortable and secure with your security system.

I had just bought my first house and needed a security system that was reliable and wasn't difficult to set up. I did my research on the web and found FireX Smoke Alarms had extraordinary customer service. I called and was instantly put in contact with a customer service rep in my area and he assisted my setup. I received my kit two days later. The setup was simple and once completed I brought in and could activate the service quickly.

I got the foreX's smoke alarm system for my home. My husband is a smoker and i have little kids that is why i have always been over protective. We have an open kitchen so i really do not trust little kids with it. I believed it is a good security measure and should be in all homes no matter what. I am glad i have never got into any incident but i would say that the company services were great. They were extremely cooperative and friendly. The charges were also affordable and the quality seemed well too. Highly recommended.

Simply wanted to state that it was so natural to set up my security system - I opened the box, and able to install the sensors and motion detector in around 20 minutes. I called the customer service to activate and within around 20 minutes - most of which was spent me standing before motion detectors and waving my arms or opening doors to ensure the sensors were all working - I had an activated system. The person on the phone was friendly and patient. This was one of the better Customer Service experiences I have had.

I bought this to replace it with the smoke detector that was already installed in the kitchen and used to went off forever even when there was just slightest whif of the cooking smoke and fumes. My friend recommended me Kidde's FireX and I took no time in replacing the old device. FireX is easy to install and is connected with the alarm at the fisrt floor which makes it safer. It retains the fire detection in house effectively and never get activated falsely.

A smoke detector is a very crucial device that you must have in your home. There are various benefits that come with a smoke detector.I have no issue with my Kidde fire alarm.My fire alarm caught on fire!Early detection of fast burning fires such as gasoline, cooking grease and paper.Installation design and features similar to other kidde smoke alarms .Prevents tampering and provides outstanding durability. Overall, customers haven’t complained about the installation for this smoke alarm.It’s the most expensive, but it performs the best.Effective for smoldering fire detection.

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Home security is an extremely important thing every household needs. FireX home alarms is a company that provides you with reliable security services and products you keep you protected from any mishaps. Our services and products are high quality and long lasting which will never make you regret paying any amount to get them installed. We have all the security equipments, if you want a smoke detection equipment with alarm system we have got it for you. Similarly there are a number of other equipments used for different areas of your home for smoke detection. We provide you these equipment at reasonable rates.

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