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The tech was magnificent. He showed me the system and gave me options. Ensured I realized how to operate the system. I love everything. Just the price for equipment that is a bit too high. After that, I appreciated everything. They are very professional in their work. The person who installs for was one of your best. I wish the price wasn't so high for cameras. I would have more to monitor my entire house.

I'm always reluctant to call somebody whose job is to offer me something, yet Cox Homelife made it appear as though we're partners all the while, and I never felt any pressure. The two different times I've called - for set up and when the cellular card wasn't working appropriately - were also hassle-free and quick. I've had the system over a year, and haven't had any inconveniences. Besides, it did its job when we were away and somebody tried to get in. The police arrived and nothing was lost or disturbed.

I'm exceptionally happy with Cox Homelife. The customer support is on par. It was a simple installation. They appeared in time and it took them perhaps an hour to install the equipment, set it up, and demonstrated to me how to use it. I haven't had any issues where they have needed to call me however it appears to work extremely well. I haven't had any break-ins if that recommends the service any lol. I extremely like that I was able to bundle it with my different services through Cox Homelife which thusly saved me a considerable amount of cash rather than going through another company.

Cox offers you the low price and best quality services. I purchased a basic two years contract and I am very satisfied with the security of my house. Its offer include a control panel.2 sensors for the door and windows and 1 motion sensor and key Fobs as needed by the client. The best things is sensor does not give alert for the pets that are under 100 lbs and that is a big relief. The security system we were using before used to went off even when my bull dogs entered a room. Cox is affordable, reliable and effective.

Cox Homelife offers home security and home automation technology in two simple packages. Requested a service for an outdoor camera. Tech arrived on time to install Homelife.The set up does not takes much time. They know their job well.They explain what they put in and where and how it worked and were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend for monitoring capability. I have tried other brands of home security products and nothing compares to this one especially for monitoring. It's well reliable.Being able to do so is comforting and puts our minds at ease. The price is accurate for the equipments and cost reliable. It's a standard price for the value.

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