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I am satisfied with the reps of TrustedID. I had specific concerns that they addressed very quickly and they accommodated my needs. Signing up early fora service such as TrustedID will be the best choice anybody can make to help ensure your credit and personal data. The price is somewhat high, but the service is excellent. I highly recommend their service.

I was facing some theft attempt issues lately. Once or twice was still tolerable for me but when it happened again i took immediate action. I searched and my search led me to Trusted ID. I am availing their services since 4 months now at a very reasonable rate. They have been too vigilant at monitoring and controlling. I am warned whenever they detect any unusual activity going on which is remarkable. I feel secure and safer than before. They are also quick at responding back to me so i never had a delayed reply from them. Over all its a recommendable company!

I was informed that my Social Security Number was being used to open a bank account. I was notified very timely and when I call the TrustedID the staff member helped me and did calm and reassure me. The resolution was quick and I am extremely happy with what was found out, and my identity is safe. Thanks a lot, everyone who worked on my case. I never would have thought about this incident without the TrustedID. Must give them a try

Someone opened a bank account in my name and changed my address. TrustedID called me and asked as to whether it was me and I let them no. I had to experience a great deal of paperwork, backward and forward, with them however they remained online when I had to call the bank or they called the bank for me. I additionally got a freeze on the majority of my accounts since they had my Social Security number. However, TrustedID remained with me through the entire procedure until the point when we got everything rectified. They are incredible and I'm very much satisfied.

It is a great service and provides everything that a good Identity theft protection company can offer to the maximum. I feel very secure when I put in my card numbers and know that they are being monitored. It gives me pretty much peace of mind that I have a strong back to look after my financial security. My friend recommended me to use Trusted Id when someone hacked the pin code of my card and I lost $ 2000. I could not thank you enough TrustedID for being my financial guard.

I am happy with their services for the last 3 years, their monitoring is very efficient, however I wanted to add my wife to my plan and they refused due to not accepting new customers. Within 24 hours of starting my membership with TrustedID I received a credit report and valuable data breach information. The agent with whom I spoke was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I receive periodic reports from them, and it is reassuring to know there have been no attempts to breach my security.Every month we receive a letter advising of us of any problems, and we haven't had any. It's been going all right.

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  • Address: 101 University Avenue, Suite 400,Palo Alto,CA,United States
  • Phone: (888) 548-7878
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  • Website: www.trustedid.com

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