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It is never easy to keep ones self protected from ID theft. I used to do that too but there came a point where u failed too so i think getting such a service from a professional company is the best thing to do. I did the same. I had heard a lot about Identity Force so i took the first step by visiting their website. I gathered some initial information and then i contacted them to avail their protection services. I must say, so far it is being treating me with amazing services. I finally feel i have some reliable protection now.

I have been attacked by identity theft two times in 2 years. I have always ignored but when this happened recently i took immediate steps to safeguard my identity. Identity Force was the rescue source for me. They have a brilliant and highly skilled staff. Expert in this field. I have their service plan now at a really cost effective rate. They are cooperative and efficient so i am hoping their services stay this way. I would highly recommend this company to everyone. Identity theft is spreading and i guess we all need to take necessary measures for it. Thumbs up!

For me the affordability was an issue but the identity theft issue rose up again one day which finally made me get the services from Identity Force. I had already collected all information about them but their charges seemed a bit high to me. However i still got it as identity protection was a priority for me. They have been very considerate to me and have really helped me keep my identity safe. Now i am so sure i made the right decision and it is worth valuing. They have a quick set up and process and keep the customers updated as well.

Nobody has the right to use our identity and we have complete right to keep it secure. I knew i also needed secure services when someone tried to break into my identity and use my credit cards as me. It was highly alarming for me. So without thinking twice i got the services from identity force. They have been amazing at what they do. The team is super efficiently always up to resolve issues and respond with swiftness. I have been warned about them twice in the past 2 years. Brilliant services and up to mark too. Highly recommended. Good work.

I was completely surprised when I got a telephone call from IdentityForce after being out shopping with my husband. I was invited to open an account that has no annual fee and can be used at three different stores, so I accepted the invitation. When I arrived home, there was a message to please return their call as they were questioning this activity. I called and addressed a couple of inquiries and was on my way. They were happy to realize that it was I who had initiated the activity under my name. They are by all means great!

IdentityForce promotes a lot and I did a bit of research. It was available thus I ran with it. The reps have been exceptionally obliging, patient and pleasant. They addressed my inquiries and helped me out when I had a few issues. It's exceptionally close to home when you have issues and it would appear that they picked the correct personnel to be using there. I have genuine feelings of serenity and realize that things are being checked. I've been happy with IdentityForce. Ideally, I'm not going to require anything intense from them and there is no reason to worry. I feel greater in the way that I have them in my corner.

I am using the family plan of the Identity force and enrolled myself in the UltraSecure+ Credit plan. It covers two adults and unlimited children under 25 in a family. I am so happy with the service because my entire family receives the same coverage under this plan. The customer service of IF is awesome and they are available 24/7 to help resolve issues. The process of setting up an account with the company is fluid. You can complete the process in different steps at your ease. Highly recommended.

Identify Force has given me ease of mind after identify items were stolen. They have always been honest and courteous and made an effort to give me the best price for the services.I feel confident with this service and plan on using it to safeguard all my personal information.They've been absolutely spectacular; they handled everything. I used them to monitor my credit when my identity was stolen. They went to every credit reporting agency and had any information removed. The person handling my account went above and beyond .It would have been great if the email for the credit report had linked me directly to the free credit report offer. Most importantly, I was impressed with her level of knowledge, professionalism, friendliness, courtesy, and patience.

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  • Address: 40 Speen Street, Suite 403,Framingham,MA,United States
  • Phone: (877) 433-6723
  • Email:
  • Website: www.identityforce.com

About IdentityForce

Your identity is important and anyone else who pretends to be you without your consent is a crime. Identity Force does its best to guard your identity and keep it protected from such thefts. A number of people get effected by such incidents and to prevent this, we enable you to enjoy our services at a very reasonable rate. You can monitor all your information 24/7. We give you verified credit security solutions and maximum privacy. Our advanced detection technology and real time alerts are the top working facilities. We are trusted by millions and we are a devoted company to bring the best for you.

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