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Gray P.    
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1 year ago

I am happy with the services provided by Identity Guard. They alerted me that my ID being stolen. I lost money to scammers. One of them tried to open up an account in my name. Identity Guard ensured that it turned out poorly. They put a flag on all three of my credit scores so they could see it was tried again. If somebody uses my data Identity Guard sends me alerts. They keep me well informed. Now I feel secure.

Identity theft has always scared me and i did not want to be a victim. Recently my friend got attacked so i took the necessary measures for myself. We both got in touch with Identity guard for their service against identity theft. Fortunately, we found the right company. They are extremely efficient and they provide effective services. Whatever softwares and methods they use are outstanding. My friend was warned earlier this time which gave me more confidence in them. It has been affordable for me so far. As long as it keeps me safe from such criminals i would be happy!

Unfortunately, i was attacked my identity theft in the previous month. That was horrible as i felt so helpless. I immediately looked up on internet and asked some people with experience and came across Identity Guard. They provided me excellent protection services since that day. Only once i was attacked again and even that was caught before time. They warned me and kept me updated. It is a very reliable company that gives such amazing protection services at good rates. It ia definitely worth it. Identity theft is getting common day by day and we all must keep ourselves protected!

Identity Guard has been quite a good service for a while now. I got in last summers which makes it since months. I have many times used their services as they are very quick. Last time when someone tried to get away with my identity by theft, they warned me before hand and took all the necessary steps. If it were not for them i would be also a victim of identity theft by now. These are very sensitive matters and i believe we need professional security of our identity no matter what happens. 5 stars to this company, good experience so far.

I had my identity stolen around 3 years ago. I went to the Sheriff's office to inform them. They sent me to my bank. I went there. We put red alerts on all of our accounts and they recommended I get in touch with Identity Guard. Best proposal I have gotten in years. I recommend them highly, as they have stopped many people from trying to use my info to get credit in my name. Much thanks to you Lifelock.

A few friends have used Identity Guard so I went with them. It helped clear up some tax fraud that we had. They dealt with it in about fourteen days which was extremely awesome. They called, followed up and messaged us to ensure we had every one of the forms to fill, how to fill them and where to send them. They stayed on top of everything. They back up what they say that they can do and I plan to keep using them for as long as I can but the price could always be a little lower.

I am extremely satisfied with the Identity Guard services. It is very easy to sign up and also cheaper than other similar companies. I get everything I pay for and even more then that. I used it after my SS# was misused by someone he opened an account on my SS#. My father recommended me to use IG's services. the fake account was immediately blocked. The system send me alerts when the changes are made or system s updated. Best service to protect the credit and personal information.

Identity guard has once again proven to be an excellent company and one to be recommended.They handled everything quickly. They successfully stopped a fraudulent claim on my credit score.The representative was helpful and provided me with the assistance I needed.They took time to help me through a stressful situation and point me to the correct resources.I had both identity theft and fraud, and they took all the steps and measures necessary to get them corrected. so I feel like I get better support, and I think their price point is really, really competitive in the marketplace. I've already recommended them and three of my friends have switched to them.

Contact Info

  • Address: Identity Guard Customer Service, P.O. Box 222455,Chantilly,VA,United States
  • Phone: (800) 452-2541
  • Email:
  • Website: www.identityguard.com

About Identity Guard

Identity Guard is the right and the most efficient company that guards your identity from the thieves. It has always been an unsave thing to leave your identity unguarded. We connect you to our services that keep you protected all the time. We provide all these services at a low price and make sure the quality of the service is high. It is an extremely powerful system to warn you in advance of any theft. Billions of people get attacked by identity theft in America but we are here to prevent such theft and make your lives easier and safer.

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