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Protect my ID has given me the confidence again. I am using their services since 3 years and i am still a happy customer to them. They have been protecting my ID so expertly that half of that worry has been lifted up from my shoulders. I got it when there was a serious id theft issue 3 years back. I wanted a protection company to keep it safe and i found them. They alert me even before anything is likely to happen. They have a very active system which detects such problems efficiently as well as effectively. Highly recommended!

I was refinancing my apartment condo. Instantly I had an alert from ProtectMyID. Somebody was checking my credit score. I was extremely thankful that ProtectMyID was on the job. I signed up with them not long ago and was considering how regularly they were signed. I responded to ProtectMyID asap to assure them that I was refinancing my apartment condo with other insurance company and that they would be checking my finances. I am definitely be going to recommend them to my friends and family.

ProtectMyID was the right company since they essentially gave protection. They give me identity theft protection at work and they charge the expense from my payroll. They helped me, alerted me with my credit score and told me regarding my debt information. They gave me a theft specialist who prepared my case and everything was solved. Generally speaking, ProtectMyID is a company focused on greatness and achievement. They form a decent connection, pursue my case and update me through email and by phone. I truly value their service.

Protect my ID notified about my Credit Card that was taken out 3 months ago. Some one used my SS# and used it to open a credit card and and used a fake address. I put a Red flag to any new credit card application to be opened on my name using my SS#. Protect my ID will never disappoint you as it is very vigilant, expert and its spectrum is broader. It is very efficient and responsive. I will never switch to any other company.

They treated me nicely, and they showed me what real customer service is supposed to be about. The cost was good for what they do to protect you and your accounts.. You feel very safe and secure with this company as they are high tech and well aware of how to protect you and your accounts.The way they monitor is incredible. My ID Care specialist has been so helpful, patient, informative, clear and compassionate. I have been trying myself but felt so defeated. I am on a road to clean up the fraudulent accounts. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to feel that their accounts are in good hands.

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  • Address: ProtectMyID.com, Attn: Customer Care, PO Box 22,Allen,TX,United States
  • Phone: (866) 960-6943
  • Email:
  • Website: www.protectmyid.com

About ProtectMyID

We know it and you know it; there is only one You. Our company, Protect Your ID lets you keep it that way. We bring you the most efficient identity protection services against theft. Identity thef is common now and you could be the next target. We let you keep your information safe and through our swift services we warn you before hand. When you sign up with us you will get daily credit monitoring, surveillance alerts, dedicated identity theft resolution agents services and much more. We do our best to keep your identity totally yours and safe from the thieves. Learn more through our website.

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