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ID shield bas guarded my identity for the past 6 months. I took their services when a theif tried to use my identity and broke into my credit card system. It was horrible and a turning point for me. As before this i never cared about it and always thought i can never be a victim. Well i was wrong. Ever since my identity is shielded by this company i really do feel safe and secure. I have received good reviews about them and that is why i was willing to trust them with my identity safety as well. Recommended.

An account at a local bank was opened using my personal info. I was notified early Sunday morning that an IDShield alert had been issued. On Monday, I confirmed that the account was opened legitimately by an authorized investment group. Nonetheless, it simply couldn't have been legitimate. My husband and I welcome the peace of mind realizing that IDShield is always watching our backs. I am definitely be going to recommend them to my friends and family. Must give them a try

My family disclosed to me that getting security from identity theft was a brilliant thing to do. My sibling educated me concerning IDShield years back and I have been a part from that point onward. It's essential to have as it reduces all the pressure when you have an identity theft. Their team was extremely communicative, thorough and finished until the point that the case was shut. I couldn't have requested better service even with serious pressure and anxiety. I recommend it to everybody.

ID Shield is one of the best companies of its kind. It provides you fool proof security services because it uses the Analytics engine to search for any potentially stolen information of its customers on the internet. It monitors the identity not only in public records but also in criminal records, credit history and much much more. If any threat is found they handle it with great ease and resolve the issue right away. I have been using its services from 3 years and could not be happier and satisfied. I have never faced any data breach issues since I joined ID shield. Highly recommended.

This well-established identity theft protection company has a robust selection of monitoring services and experts committed to helping out their customers through unlimited consultations.I've had IDShield for many years and have taken the little bit of extra time to register my membership through their online member portal and download the IDShield app from the app store to my phone. Taking a few minutes to do this has given me everything in the palm of my hand; my credit score, monitoring alerts.It is awesome from what they monitor compared to all other companies and how they will hire you a private investigator to prosecute who stole your identity or credit. IDShield was the best choice. Very happy with my decision.

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  • Address: ,Ada,OK,United States
  • Phone: (888) 494-8519
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  • Website: www.idshield.com

About IDShield

We care about what you are concerned about the most. ID shield gives you the essential protection for your identity. We prioritize your security and provide you with the best solutions to keep your identity safe from the thefts. These thefts happen quiet unexpectedly and should be taken care of. We aware you of its importance and steps that you can take in order to keep your self shielded. We cover the security monitoring services for you. We offer you individual plans and family plans. We prevent you and your family from identity theft and if a theft occurs we have a qualified team that resolves the case immediately.

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