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I was with this company for close to 4 years.The policy is easy to understand with no hidden fees. There are affordable prices that make it easier. Allied has very good pricing and our claims experience have been professional, quick and fair. Helped me with a claim when my family member wrecked my car.They provided polite helpful service, were able to give me a policy that best fits with my family vehicles. Company is ok. The agent is very cooperative. This was the best choice I could have made when I went with this company.I will tell all my friends about this company.

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3 years ago

Allstate insurance is by far the best insurance company I have done business with.It is a nice company and they are a bigger one but they act like smaller one that just cares about the people who they are working with.Likewise I have used it and the price has been fair, support has been fantastic when it comes to any billing issues.They've also been fantastic with roadside assistance, making it easy to get in touch with them when I have a flat tire or any other issues with the car. Beyond the car insurance factor, I get great discounts when traveling. The people of attention to customers have always been kind and empathetic and they have given me excellent treatment.

Their immediate services were perfect too, which I used when my car battery was dead and I had a representative come to jump it. No bad experiences.They were quick to help me out of the situation, without making it any more stressful than it already was.Always keeps us 100 percent up to date on our policy.They have taken very good care of my insurance needs. I like the plan, the insurance cost, and the representative who serves us.Diligent follow-up to make sure all was satisfactory. Fair claims adjustment and rapid payment of claims.I will refer them to anyone.

I have never had an issue with my local representative which is why I have kept them BUT claim processing seemed slow and they took some time to figure out how to get the repairs done and who would be covered. It was not very pleasant and it felt like I was annoying them by filing a claim for damage to my vehicle.Also, I don't like that our rates seem to go up every time our policy renews but I like that questions are answered quickly and reminders are friendly.Customer service is not the issue. Everyone you speak to or interact with is very helpful and polite.

They offer a number of great discounts, including those for people with multiple cars, as well as loyalty discounts for customers who stay with them over time.I rear-ended a car with minimal damage and they handled and settled the claim for an at-fault accident quickly, making me very happy.They have provided me well and are always there to assist me with what I need.Wonderful customer service, reasonable prices on insurance and I have comparison shopped even while on this insurance to see if I could get lower premiums elsewhere.The claims were settled quickly too. I'm very happy with my current insurance company, progressive

I have been under Auto-Owners for about 2 years now. Within a day, the agent handling my claim called me and got my statements and took care of the rest. Someone backed into my rear bumper with a trailer hitch and bent not only the bumper but bent bumper bracket. It made the claim process relatively painless. The customer service and even the policies you buy are determined mainly by the quality of the agent you have.I think I am getting the best price with the best coverage.They do exactly what they say they will do.Good to do business with.

I get my auto insurance here as well I am truly grateful for the roadside assistance they just have so much to offer and everybody's always so nice and helpful.They are quick to respond to questions. They have been fair when I have filed a claim.They have a great website that is very helpful and easy to use and a great claims service.Their adjusters come to you and are easy to deal with. Appointments are recommended so you don't have to wait but otherwise it's a fair service for the price paid. They are fast and efficient in taking care of all my insurance needs. Their prices are pretty good, though and the discount opportunities are plentiful.

Bristol West is a car insurance provider that provides coverage to high-risk drivers but also offers some of the benefits of a mainstream insurance company.The company offers a surprising array of discounts comparable to those you'd find at a big-name insurance company, and far more options than another specialty insurer. I've had my old car towed and they repaid for it. I've had other incidents and they've always covered it. This company goes over and beyond to help you. They're customer service is always friendly. I have always had really good service and never had any bad experience. so please check them out!

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