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I have used truthfinder to get information few people of interest. I found an old college friend through this website, ran a background check of our maid whom we hired for baby sitting. Recently, I contacted my ex-wife who was out of contact since a decade and I had to call her for some legal issues. Truthfinder provides you with authentic information within 48 hours. The website is also user friendly and cost effective. I would recommend truthfinder to all.

I had a huge and actually a very important meeting with my client. I had to decide if i should sign the contract or not but i knew very little about the reliability of the party. I got in touch with truthfinder company to get hold of his background data. I received instant information which was also accurate and gave me an insight so that i could think clearly. I found out something fishy so i did not sign the deal. Turned out it was the wisest business decision i have ever made as it saved me from loss and stress!

Truthfinder contains the most important information of people which has helped us a lot over these years. They have records like criminal and other important background checks too. We run a business where we have clients all over America and to be safe we need to make safe dealings. This has helped me for 6 years. So many times it saved me from signing a contract with a fraud party and the amount of time and loss i have safed through this website is incredible. It is actually worth it as it. It has also brought me amazing clients where my confidence led to profitable agreements. 5 stars for them.

Truth finder is the best. I took the services of the company to know about my sister's boyfriend. She was very interested in the guy but had no family. He was living all alone. My mom was worried. I subscribed to Truthfinder to run a background check on him. The company was very fast and efficient and provided accurate info keeping everything in secret. They provided the complete info in juts 3 days. Thanks GOD the boy was honest and did not have any criminal background. She is happily living with him.

This is the best company by far for finding personal information.Very easy to navigate and such a pleasure to see so much detail! Found out a lot I wouldn't have known. Worth the money.This service is very straightforward and easy to use - no complicated questions, and the results are really complete. I was looking for an old classmate's address. I found it with Truthfinder and was able to catch up on old times. I was able to locate her within minutes of my search. Thank you Truthfinder for helping me locate her and making it so easy to find her. I found everything I got and wanted and a quitely .I am very satisfied with the reports. I would definitely recommend Truthfinder to everyone.

I chose to use Truthfinder because I had forgotten about various old friends. I would have liked to discover where they lived if they had married as well as had children. I didn't know I needed to call, after many years, however, I needed the option. I discovered every one of them, rapidly. This was the second time I used Truthfinder. The first run through, a friend had sold his dog to a man who lived out of state. We heard the dog was not being very much thought about and could find him and rescue him. We would not have been able to do this without the wealth of info given by Truthfinder.

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