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Koo H.    
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1 year ago

My Life is a great platform to get into the backgrounds of the concerned people. I often use their services sometimes for my business and sometimes for my wife. Recently i used their background check services twice. Once it was for my business, i needed to find out some data about the employee i was about to hire. They gave me instant and authentic information. Next, i reached them for my wife. She needed some information for a house help worker. We got the data about her as well. This helps us make better decisions for the long term! 5 stars!

Mylife is just incredible. I used it for the background check of my maid. I am a banker and needed domestic help after my twins were born. I hired an African American 3 years ago. Ii ran a background check on her and found information very satisfying. She is a gem. She works really well and also look after my kids. I could not be happier. Been using the services of Mylife since then. Highly recommended for you people .

MyLife states that you can manipulate your information in just one click. Even if you’re not under the microscope of a criminal right now, it can help you purge or correct what is out there. Plus it gives you a sense of what’s happening out there in cyber space that employers, potential partners and landlords all have access to.The report type was a background check, was easy to find and the site was easy to navigate to find the report that I wanted to run with no trouble whatsoever. The price for this was very competitive compared to other background check services and it was the cheapest option available from checking around other services. It's a great service that I will continue to use.

Good site, I've attempted a couple in the past yet just for extremely basic information. This site has everything if you require it and I like that they respect privacy rules and urge others to do as such as well. Simple to explore has more exact info than a portion of the others and has friendly staff if I require help. Prices are higher nowadays yet Instant MyLife's fees are competitive. Altogether, a professional site and I would use it once more.

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My Life is a background check company that brings a lot of facilities to you. It is highly essential for us to keep a track of our reputation and reputation of others out there. Sometimes, background checks become really important for many purposes. You can see your reputation score on our website and run a back ground check on your own self as well as others. You can also see the reputation score of others through our platform. We give you an insight of all the essential information you might be looking for about someone. This also helps you to improve your decision making abilities.

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