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Beenverified is an amazing company. I have used its services for so many times and they always meet the expectations. They would always provide you with the utmost information and help you make better decision. I am in real estate business so when there is a special deal or I have some doubts I just call Beenverified and they are always there. The sales rep are nice and professional. Just give them the main information and they will run a detailed check up. I would highly recommend this company.

The BeenVerified sales rep we worked with was upfront and separated everything perfectly. His overall professionalism and level of knowledge were likewise better than any of our experiences with other companies. I simply put in people’s names and it sends them an email which they round out. Then the background check goes to me within a couple of days. They're one of the better backgrounds check companies to use.

BeenVerified was recommended by somebody. We like that it's online. When running a background verification, it is everything that we needed and it meets all expectations, and the turnaround is fast. It meets all desires. I worked with one of their staff and she helped me walked through it. I simply sent a spreadsheet with the names and emails of who I required and I didn't need to do much. She had been a great help to me.

I have used the services of two background companies. One of them is Beenverified. I would highly recommend this one as i was more satisfied and in fact happy with their results. They provided me with to the point and authentic information. I run a business and i often need to hire people who could carry out delegations for me at small scale. This was such a good decision. They did not charge a lum sum amount of money. In fact it was so easy to my pocket. It helped me make better and more profitable decisions for the future.

Rik S.    
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1 year ago

Beenverified has lead to convenience for me not once but twice. I was looking for more information about a specific person and got all the required information very easily. The second time was also a good experience and it is safe to say they keep their customers satisfied. The charges are a bit high for a single person's information in my opinion but the services were good enough and worth it. In such situations authenticity is important and i was satisfied both times. I totally recommend this site to everyone trying to get into a background. Thumbs up, good work!

Been verified is the best. It has always helped me to find the accurate information whenever I needed. I am a regular subscriber of the company and never had any complaint. I used its services to run a background on a friend who was lost and his father was a lawyer. I needed his services. The company took just 2 days and we were reunited. I also ran a background check on my tenant before moving in his house. Been Verified has never disappointed me.

My call center man took me to site to help me spontaneously to have information about a known person. I got a quick response. In spite of the fact that I was charged $3; anyway I got called through somebody and the woman on the opposite side dropped my membership without a whine. It shows class and culture and alert staff of BeenVerified. I want them to enjoy all that life has to offer for their quick lightning response if you get a kick out of the chance to know data of information closest and dearest. Want to enjoy all that life has to offer and may God bless you.

I signup up at their site i.e. BeenVerified.com to use as a tool to find former alumni from 1989-2011 to request that they take an interest in my doctoral study. I was successful in discovering 95% of them. The site was anything but difficult to use. It additionally helped me connect to understudies via social media sites, included dates last detailed for addresses, and listed some emails. The site additionally offered me the chance to look further with an additional layer of membership. I felt like the site was valuable for my purpose.

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