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These days, having pet insurance is extremely important. I registered one of my dogs with Trupanion and I got a free three-month trial. I used it and I kept it. Their servicing end has been awesome. I've had the policy for almost 5 months now, and I recently filed a claim and I'm hanging tight for them to reply. It's been good so far. It feels good realizing that he's insured if something happens.

I am an animal lover and i have 3 pets that are indoor. I never had the means and resources to get any of them an insurance policy but lately when i got a chance, finally, i looked up for best pet insurance companies. I found out about Trupanion. They are actually brilliant at their services. I purchased the insurance policy plan for my dog first. This was a year ago and due to his troubling ear infection, i filed a claim. It was not too late and i got a call from them which confirmed about covering of my expenses. Truly reliable!

This is our first time ever having pet insurance and are excited with how caring they are. Quite a while ago we lost our cat to sickness and a failure to pay for extensive care. We said we could never be in that position again. So when we got our two new cats, we purchased Trupanion. Our experience so far has been awesome. We are so thankful to be able to get our pet care without going into the red. The coverage has been affordable and they have been exceptionally responsive at whatever point we have needed to submit claims.

I have been with Trupanion for several years. I have generally been pleased with the service and quick turn around time for refunds.Our cat broke his leg fractured trupanion was there for us all the way with truly compassionate staff that walked us through the process to get our surgery pre approved. I am very impressed with the speed with which they reviewed the initial claim and the appeal, and made payment. The hospital handled all transaction with Trupanion making it effortless and easy in a time when I didn't need any added stress in my life.The customer reps are uniformly smart and super well-versed in claims handling.Trupanion was there for us when we needed them, and for that I am incredibly grateful.They are the best pet insurance company out there.

It is such a great feeling to find a company that care for and value the pets more than their profits. I did an extensive research to switch my pet insurance company because I was having bad experience with previous company. I found Trupanion and got my Skittle insured with the the company in 2014 and I feel so blessed afterwards. This company has great offers and super coverage at the attractive price. I never worry about my cat's health because I know I am a customer of a great company.

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  • Adress: 907 NW Ballard Way,Seattle,WA,United States
  • Phone: (888) 733-2685
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  • Website: trupanion.com

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