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It would be a five star rating yet the only thing is the 6 to 8 weeks turnaround time for a claim to be paid particularly when it is a regular medication that my dog takes day by day. The first year of insurance coverage didn't fulfill me, I was given an explanation at the time but later explained to my satisfaction. They are fair with payments. Customer support is extremely helpful and rates are not very expensive for good coverage. I recommend Nationwide Pet Insurance to all my loved ones.

Nationwide pet insurance is simply superb with its top notch services. I purchased their insurance policy for my 5 year old cat. It was last winters when i got it at a slightly higher rate than i expected. However, now i feel okay with after having a pleasant experience with them. They covered my expenses very quickly which gave me the reassurance that i made the right choice. My cat was having fungal infection which i got treated 3 months ago. She is totally doing great now free of any fungus infection. This is totally recommended to every pet lover!

My dog was at that point enlisted to Nationwide Pet Insurance when I got her. Their customer service is incredible. Any inquiry I have, they're in every case friendly and they answer me. Also, in any inquiries, they're constantly lovely and polite. I generally suggest Nationwide Pet Insurance. I had a decent experience with them and I'll simply keep them. I wish it's somewhat less expensive however it's great. It's so costly however it's like you can't have it. What's more, the expense isn't as much as I would need to pay the full price for a surgery, which she had experienced.

We have had Nationwide for years and makes it affordable for my cat to receive yearly check ups and get the medication he needs.They have paid everything they are supposed too.The claim process is easy to submit and easy to track.The couple times I had to call, the customer service person was incredibly helpful and nice. Their site is also great for tracking past claims and other policy information, such as what's covered. Vet bills can be pricey and feel better knowing we will receive some of the expense back. I will definitely use Nationwide for our next pet as well. I am always impressed with the level of correspondence and concern. It certainly sets Nationwide apart from other pet insurers.

Nationwide Pet insurance provides the outstanding coverage and best customer service. The process of the claim is just super fast and you get the reimbursement in just a week time and that is truly amazing. My dog hit a car and fractured his leg. He was badly injured and needed to be admitted for 3 days in hospital. That was really hard time for me as my Cooper is the part of my family. I could not thank enough NPI for being on my back. Best company ever.

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