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I really like this company. I have been with this from 5 years now and haven't faced any issue until now. Highly recommended.

24 pet watch has been undoubtedly the best decision of my life. I have two cats and i got the insurance policy for both of them turn by turn, a year apart to be precise. The insurance policy was sold to me at a good rate as i got two of them. I just used the claim once for Judy, my older cat. She had diarrhea issue which needed a 5 day treatment. Injections and antibiotics. It all went as planned. The whole claim and coverage was also efficient. 100 points to the company and their team. Keep it up!

My pets are just like my own children. I adopted a persian cat recently. She is just like my own child as i love to look after her. I got her insurance policy from 24 pet watch. I am sure they will take care of her just like they do of my older cat. I have a good experience with them. My older cat is also a customer of their insurance policy. Once she got a very bad fungal infection which lasted for months. I claimed the coverage for the treatment and i was happy that i got it without them making me wait. Recommended.

I searched on the web for pet insurance and I found 24PetWatch Pet Insurance when I got my puppy. I've had it for a long time and two months and I had a great experience, however, it was difficult on the vet more than once in light of the fact that they weren't sending in the right diagnostic codes so they needed to resend them. At that point ten minutes that they were sent, they got me a check instantly for what was covered. Having pet insurance is important, particularly if you have doctors.

24 Pet Watch is just amazing! I have 2 cats, one is 4 years old and the other is 2 years old. I got both of them insured from 24 Pet Watch. I had a few questions but i was glad that their representative answered all my questions right away and gave me an insight about how they work. I was instantly satisfied and was sure that i want their services for both my cats. Since that day i have always experienced good services from them whenever my cats were in need. I would definitely give them 5 stars for their hard work.

This company offers solid, comprehensive coverage with no caps of any kind.We've had 24 PetWatch for both dogs close to 2 years. We are satisfied with their offerings and find them comparable to others.The turn around has become much better, the customer service has improved greatly, and the customer portal gives members much more control of what is going on with claims. I have submitted several claims in the past couple of months and they have been handled with dispatch. Filing a claim is easy, claims are processed very quickly, and everyone I have spoken to is knowledgeable and caring.Vet bills can be very expensive and pet insurance with a company like PetWatch is a good value for caring pet owners that don't want to be liable for thousands of dollars in treatment costs. They are the absolute best out there!

I consider my pets the part of my family. I adopted two cats from a rescue shelter and they are just adorable. I got them insured from the 24petwatch. I have had the top notch experience with the company. I am extremely pleased with their services and they make the claims payment so promptly. They also raised the payment of claim after 3 years for being a value customer. My cats once got infection and I visited the vet and he admitted the cats for a day. The bill was huge but I was not worried at all because I had 24 petwatch on my back. Hgihly recommended.

As a pet lover i am always looking for such services. 24 pet watch is a reliable company and i planned to get the insurance details. Their staff is cooperative however they take a little longer to respond in the first go. I got my plan for my cat and now i am tension free that they have got his back. The process was simple once it started. They gave me complete information about the packages, plans and claim process. I have heard a good word for 24 pet watch from a couple of my colleagues so it is worth a try! In the end it all comes down to what good you want for your pet.

I am so happy with the service. I have total peace of mind and can relax and enjoy my sweet and loving boxer. I know if he gets sick I'm covered. This company has everything I've been looking for and more. Im on a fixed income and being able to create my own policy was wonderful.

The company has a hassle free process of insuring the pets. I once lost my dear cat once and then I took the services of 24petWatcch. The best company with best solutions I am highly impressed with their responses and cooperativeness.

Ara V.    
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1 year ago

Costumer service is not good it takes over 30 minutes for them to answer a call. Raises your premiums by almost double, without warning. Aren't transparent about what your premium covers. Claims take 1 month to process.

The experience was really good. I am happy with their services and I hope my pet dog is happy too. Lol!

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About 24PetWatch Pet Insurance

24 pet watch is a company that provides pet protection services and pet insurances for your pets. The company provides with a number of solutions which help the customers sort out any issues faced by their pets. The company takes the welfare of your animals responsibly and seriously making sure they are active all the time. Pet insurance claims and pet insurance programs are easy to understand and are even stated well on the official website. For instance, the website also have a portal for micro chip registration and insurance claims portal. This is a complete safety program for your pets.

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