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Thanks to the hard work and commitment of the people at Tax Tiger, I can rest and sleep much easier knowing my tax problems are never again an issue. Tax Tiger educated me about everything, and everything was great. It took about a year yet the program is now complete. Much appreciated again for all the assistance.

I had gotten Tax Tiger number from a friend. He had used a similar one and had a decent experience and I did also. It was a quite simple process. They did what they said they would do and they followed up on all the credit report stuff that should have been finished. The group walked me through it step by step to disclose to me what would happen like A, B and C. They disclosed to me what I have to do and a while later, they did everything so it's pretty straightforward. I always tell people regarding them and referred them to everyone that I knew that was experiencing a same procedure.

Tax Tiger to assist me in resolving some long overdue tax issues. That is a decision I do not regret. These people are great, efficient, compassionate and competent. This program was just what I needed to get me out of a really bad spot. The people at TAX TIGER did a great job helping me resolve the issues I had with the IRS and set me up with a payment plan that fits my situation. If your problem has a chance at being resolved, I truly believe that they are the ones who will make it happen. There were no surprises. I was given direct, simple and easy instructions. Even when I had trouble making a payment, they're there to help. They keep you updated, provide solid advice and guide you through any options that might be available. That in itself is a huge benefit, however, they go the extra mile.

Tax tiger just gave me my life back. I am truly grateful to the TT team for resolving my IRS tax case. Derrick, Christian and Tiana they were all just amazing. I was over my head for the tax issue and could not find the suitable company. They were all so much expensive that was unable to hire them. TT proved to be extremely helpful, professional and friendly. They did everything possible for me and took me out of the situation. Best tax consultant ever.

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