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I needed a company that could do my tax arrears and managing the IRS to get consistent with them. I called a couple of companies and Tax Defense Partners seemed to have the most reasonable price and I ended up going with them. The program has been finished successfully. I would suggest Tax Defense Partners in case you're in a similar circumstance.

Tax Defense Partners prepared my taxes throughout the previous two years and turned into a key player in tidying up my back tax issues. Whatever I came to them with at heart, they thought of it as their own concern. They're extraordinary people - nice and considerate. The manner in which they treated us shows to us that they truly thought about the issue that we were experiencing. I truly recommend them.

I'm extremely satisfied with Tax Defense Partners. They were substantially much easier to talk with and what they were putting forth was more offering budget-friendly than a portion of the other people that are out there. Everyone that I needed to manage was extremely obliging on the grounds that the time I joined with them, I discovered I had leukemia so I was in the hospital. I could work with them while experiencing and sending them things through email. They were exceptionally close to home and personal. So it was an extraordinary experience.

This is a real team of people on your side.This company is very dedicated to getting your best interests and finances taken care of with the IRS. It is just a pleasure to watch people work passionately to help you every step of the way and actually care about what you're going through. My tax consultant was knowledgeable and efficient.They did everything they said they would and, in my case, were able to resolve the matter to my benefit. They took what was a most harrowing situation and turned it into something that was actually life changing. Quick resolution to the problems.I would recommend tax defense network to everyone who needs assistance with their tax needs.

Tax Defense Partners are the best group of people. They helped me when I was in trouble and needed them the most. They made the matters so simple for me that I could not be happier and so hopeful about the situation. IRS was one of the biggest obstacle I was facing in my life but TDP accomplished their task and solved the issue so professionally and with great ease that it was like a dream come true for me. Never thought to come out of the worst tax situation so easily. FOREVER Thanks to the the TDP .

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  • Address: Tax Defense Partners Encino Business Park IV 6345 Balboa Blvd,,Encino,CA,United States
  • Phone: 1(866) 477-7762
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