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I worked with First Eagle Partners a year ago with a tax issue and afterward this year, I chose to go with them again because of their customer support. I used to complete my taxes through another company. But they’re very commercial and corporate. First Eagle Partners would offer something more and I needed to develop an association with stuff that I definitely know. We had an effective communication. The program they set me up with was acceptable. The procedure was somewhat lengthy however it went easily. Up until now, they've been responsive and I'm happy.

FEP is the best company. I was so stressed out because of the huge amount of my tax bill that I was unable to pay. I did not know how to deal with the situation. I searched online for the ways to reduce tax billing. I came across different companies and I luckily chose FEP because it provide plenty of information on the website and its agent was online. He told me to call on their toll free number for detailed information. I found him very supportive. He connected me to an attorney he took information from me and promised to get me out of this. He took care of everything and managed to reduce my bill by 35%. The procedure was transparent and charges were low. I COULD NOT RECOMMEND FEP enough.

First Eagle Partners was the best bet for dealing for me. There was one specifically that took a shot at the case, however, there were a couple of people that I addressed. Every one of them was genuinely pleasant people and they got right on top of it, sent me out the necessary forms on my phone so it wouldn't take so long. They set me up a payment plan and we went from that point. They settled my tax issue real quick. I have heavier pockets now. I don't think there could be anything they could do any better. They treat their customers like their family.

First Eagle Partners has a team with diverse expertise that all adds up to solving tax resolution problems for their clients. It works with each client to determine the best route for them.I have been with them for years and have had positive experiences.Our taxes are so complicated it takes team of professionals. They kept in touch with me while the process was transpiring. They were expeditious and really handled the problem I like their personalized service and ability to have both my business and personal taxes handled by the same people. They are always responsive and have offered valuable advice. They are honest and very professional. They work so hard to make sure everything is in perfect order.They run their business with integrity and I highly recommend them.

I could not thank you enough First Eagle Partners for listening and understanding my issue. Their agents act like the saviors and the super heroes for me. Eric and John were just like that for me. I had just nothing but an exceptional experience with them. I gave them every information related to my tax situation I had been in a great trouble and could possibly lose thousands of Dollars because of my negligence but FEP worked out everything for me. They did more than what they promised. Best company ever.

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