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The insurance is good and covers a decent amount of things I'd prefer to claim, however it takes many weeks to get reimbursed. For what reason should this take such a long time? It should be a consistent procedure that doesn't take a month or sometimes longer. Other than that... never had an issue and tell everyone about how good the Petplan insurance is. I recommend this insurance to everybody.

Pet plan has been too good for my pets. I have a cat and a dog. Both are under 5 years. I got one of them an insurance policy 3 years ago. A year back i purchased another insurance policy from Pet plan. This one was for my dog. I was so happy with their services for my cat that i actually saved up for another one. They have a brilliant staff that is always ready to provide extraordinary customer services. I was covered immediately once when my cat had a fracture in her leg. My experience has been really good. Recommended!

Getting my cat's insurance policy from Pet plan was the best thing i have ever done for her. She is 6 years old. I got the policy when she turned 4 as her birthday present. I have used their coverage twice in 2 years and it was remarkable. They did not delay in responding to my claim which was their proficiency. My cat got her leg injured i have no idea how. They were kind enough to handle this issue for me. The plan was free of any ambiguities and i got it at a good rate. Totally worth it in my opinion.

I've had them for more than 4 years and never had one issue. They have paid all that they are supposed too. I have their best approach and they have paid the greater part of the bill so I figure a few people don't have the right policy. If you need everything covered, it will cost more. My friends also have this Pet insurance and are so happy with them as well. I'm so happy I have the coverage for my two dogs. Coincidentally,

Petplan offers competitive pricing that is pretty much industry standard and in line with what you might expect of comparable plans. We bought into Petplan for our dog . I truly appreciate the kindness and consideration shown to me as a consumer. Good level of communication. Good to have Petplan Insurance as a catastrophic cost back-up (major surgery, other extended treatment).Peace of mind is what is most important to me. My experience with Petplan Pet Insurance has been positive all the way. They are very fast to pay for all legitimate vet bills, and I can rest assured that if my pet needed complicated specialty vet care, my pet would be covered. I was so fortunate that I had signed up for Petplan pet insurance. Great company to deal with!

I am very satisfied to be the customer of the Pet plan. My claims are always processed very quickly and the customer service is just amazing . Mostly you do not need the customer service because it is hassle free but when you need it they are always helpful and great. The combination of the price and the coverage is very appealing and their policies coverage is far better than any other pet insurance company. I just cannot recommend this company enough.

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  • Adress: 3805 West Chester Pike, Suite 240,Newtown Square,PA,United States
  • Phone: (866) 467-3875
  • Email:
  • Website: www.gopetplan.com

About Petplan

Pet Plan is working day and night to provide you with the most reliable pet insurance services. We know how much you love your pets and that is why we have the best and the most effective solutions for you. We let you buy the pet insurance policy and in return cover your pets for the best of your and their interests. Pets can be really playful and sometimes they can cause themselves harm by eating a foreign object or getting into other trouble unexpectedly. That is when we step in and help you with the expenses that follow such events.

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