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When we read about KnowX on the web, we figured we'd try them to perceive what happens. We have had services before them and KnowX is much improved. They are progressively fast, professional, courteous and accurate. I've additionally associated with KnowX's reps for a couple of times about troubleshooting on where to find certain things on their site. Overall, my experience has been good.

We tried another company's background service however we were not getting anyplace with them. KnowX's response was better and we were happy with their service. There were a lot of times that the emails ended up getting sent to spam and the people didn't end up signing it. I feel there are some hidden charges. So I'd advise other people who opt to use them to ensure that they find out exactly all the extra charges.

The extraordinary site with the 100% true results. I am a monthly subscriber and always have accurate, prompt and timely information. I used it first time to run a background check about baby sitter I hired for my 3 kids. It is very satisfying to know that your kids are in safe hands. I am extremely happy that I have got Knowx at my back to keep update about the backgrounds of anybody I want. My husband use it for his employees. Highly recommended.

KnowX offers a minimalist, clean and simple website that is easy for customers to use as any traditional search engine. I needed to find my landlords address to mail my rent check. It was super easy to find him. I've used it several times because I just can't seem to remember his address. I guess I could write it down, maybe I will next time.I was highly impressed with the amount of information you get for the price. This was definitely the one site that had the best value and quality for the money I paid for it. The value was great compared to the other services that I had checked on before.

It was done as it was supposed. Just think I might want to have the capacity to have all search information, on the grounds that as it is I need to sign in less than one email address at that point if I need to get an upgrade I need to sign in under another email address alongside another credit card to get my upgrade. Sort of screwed up huh. You ask me to state what I thought, well now you know. I have contributed around 15 hrs so far simply endeavoring to do what you ask. Any case I will state, have a decent day.

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