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I have used Intelius services just for once and they did an amazing job. I wanted to know about the where about of the family whom we rented our home. Apparently everything seemed fined but my sixth sense told me something was fishy. So I got them checked through Intelius and I was right. They were already defaulters and the head of the family was once jailed because of his misconduct with neighbors. So, I did not rented them my home. Intelius saved me and I am definitely going to use it in future because of its up to date information, affordable fee and quick response. Highly recommended.

I and my friend for our secondary school classmates from 12 years back. Moment Intelius was a lifesaver in helping us to find them. The service has been quick, useful and simple to use. It gives a decent amount of information. I have never expected to buy more detail, however, feel I could find important data if need be.

Nowadays background check has become really essential and i have learned this the hard way. I also ended up hiring a helper with a criminal background record so i reached out to Intelius for future needs. I have used their services twice. My experience was absolutely amazing both the times. Once i hired a kitchen helper for my home which went all great. Then, i helped my sister hire a driver through them. They provided us with quick and authentic information. Totally reliable company in my opinion. It is worth it as well, they do not even charge a lot!

It is is the most user friendly and efficient website. I have used it services for so many times that I do not even remember. It is prompt, accurate and cheap. The sign-up process is easy and fee is cheaper than any other Background check site. I used it to find my school friends, neighbors and even relatives. Last Time I ran used the site to check the background of my BF. It was very interesting an satisfying too. Highly recommended.

I used Intelius to find someone I was looking for.Able to find out phone number, address, and relatives. Feel a lot safer dating when I have this background information. Intelius came through for me with some accurate I'm so glad that I got in touch with them about my situation.Good site to deal with and easy to navigate. Fair pricing with option as to the level of information needed. This matter was resolved before it got started. I was very satisfied with one of the background checks I had received.I would definitely recommend Intelius to someone searching for an old friend or doing a background check on someone to be safe.

I coincidentally stopped by to check up the status of some new personal checks, however, while here I check more than a few other people looks at and cleaned my Desktop. I discovered a dear friend passed. Presently looking at to figure where his wife and girl moved to, and their correct telephone numbers- - I know the house number has been closed off. Not certain if Marie moved out yet? I also know he has a child yet he isn't listed under relationships. Their service is amazing

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