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Healthy Paws insurance company has been very helpful to me and my pet. My pet is a golden lab. I got his insurance policy some time back and recently he got himself hit by a cycle but the effects were not very pleasant. He got stitches on his leg as it was injured by a sharp item. I have no idea how he got himself into so much trouble. They helped me instantly and i was so glad i had their coverage to get the bills in control. He came from the hospital the same day. I recommend their insurance services to every pet keeper.

Healthy paws insurance company is very much reliable. I totally loved their staff as they were very courteous and cooperative with me. I got the insurance policy for my cat last year. It has not been very long but i happened to use their coverage recently so i thought i should now review it. They were pretty fast and helped me out in the whole process. I had to get the cold treatment done for my cat as she got flu and cough. My experience with them has been good so i would recommend their insurance services and rate them 5 stars.

My dog is enlisted with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation and I found out about their pet insurance from them. I got the policy and when I applied to get reimbursed for one of my dog's treatments, I got repaid without any issues. I need to deal with my dog as I'm on a fixed income and he is my service animal. Working with the customer service reps at Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation was magnificent. They addressed my inquiries and however I didn't know they would pay for part of the medication that my dog had, they did.

Healthy Paws offers the most comprehensive coverage, and does so without any caps or limits. Policies cover all accidents and illnesses without restrictions for hereditary or congenital conditions. The company also includes services like advanced testing, surgeries, hospital stays, and prescription medications, as well as alternative therapies and emergency care.I had 2 other Pet Insurances in the past but going forward, Healthy Paws is the only insurance that reimburses the most. The people at Healthy Paws came through promptly with care and professionalism. I was really impressed that an insurance company cares so much that they would even cover such optional therapy costs.It is quick and easy to file claims and get reimbursements. Communication with the company is fantastic by both phone and email. Thank you so much once again Healthy Paws! You guys are the best.

By fat it is best pet insurance company around. My dog had a bladder stone and he had a surgery and he was admitted to the hospital for over a week. I would never have been able to pay the bills or to give him the best medical treatment. The reimbursement policy of the Paws Pet is just amazing and very prompt. They always reply to your emails and respond to your calls and they are amazing group of people and very loving. Highly recommended.

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance and Foundation is a remarkable company that gives all the necessary services to your pets. We ensure pet safety with quality and top notch services. Our team invests its hard work into every service to bring the best to you and let your pets live a happy life. You can get your pet's insurance policy from us and then relax for the future. Our claims and coverage process is also hassle free and the entire insurance policy is also reasonably charged. We try to bring you as many benefits as we can. We have got your pets covered.

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