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I have a German shepherd and they are known to have physical issues every once in a while so I figured it was ideal to have the insurance for him. They were great to talk with, however, they didn't meet our expectations. I had to file a claim for our dog because he was sick and they didn't have him covered. Thank god it was only a free trial. I don't find that acceptable either, so I'm not renewing or I'll simply let it expire after the free trial.

Viv D.    
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1 year ago

I have pet insurance policy by FIGO for my dog. My dog's health has always been very important and since his immune is a little weak i found it safer to get him an insurance policy. He is their client since 3 years now. I have on and off made claims for around 4 times in these 3 years. The most recent one on his treatment for diarrhea. As always they were quick to make the coverage without making me wait or call them again and again. It was quite an economical decision for me. I really like their customer service as well.

FIGO pet insurance was my best decision for my pet. I have a dog who is 2 years old. After a lot of research and time spent i finally discovered the best insurance company for my dog. FIGO provided me with the best insurance policy with rates that were in my budget. I have used their claim policy twice in 1 year and i was never disappointed as they were always quick with anything and everything. A great company that looks after the animals just like it's their own. My dog is a happy dog he is always treated on time whenever any problem arises.

I highly recommend FIGO pet insurance. This is something very important for our pets and this is what i realized after getting the policy when i actually used it. I have a dog and a cat. First i got the insurance policy for my dog. Right after that he had some health issues and it was treated but i got it covered well by FIGO. The convenience that it brought to me was something that pushed me to get the insurance for my cat as well. Totally loved their customer service staff and i recommend it to all the pet owners.

I bought a little dog and when I enlisted it, I could look over changed things and that is the means by which I got some answers concerning the pet insurance out of the blue. There were 3 or 4 unique options and Figo Pet Insurance has 30 days free pet insurance for accidents and diseases. I didn't really get the opportunity to use it before it ran out, however, I was happy that it was there. I called the vet one an opportunity to ask about plans and prices and it is so costly. Along these lines, having pet insurance is extremely important.

Figo have been wonderful with our pet's (Cooper) coverage. Rates were the best We found doing my research. Always responsive and well organized in the effortless process in event of a claim filed.I find the App to be very helpful for submitting claims. Most claims I have submitted have been approved and the coverage is decent. I rarely need anything from customer service, but when I do they’re always very friendly and helpful. My cat has had a number of health issues this year and Figo has covered them. I have one agent in particular who has gone above and beyond my expectations. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking to insure a pet.Pretty seamless

I just Love the Figo. They have been great with the coverage for my pet Spikey. they are effortless and very responsive. I have never been disappointed with their services and are on our back in the formative years of our pets. I am super glad that bought a plan from Figo. It made it possible for me to get the medical treatment for Spikey without any worry. The customer service is just exceptional and always cover the total cost of the medical bills.

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Enjoy a number of services with FIGO Pet Insurance. Your pets are like your family and that is a reason enough to buy a policy for them to keep them protected in the future. Our policies are affordable and transparent. We do not believe in concealing any terms and conditions so you can rely on us and trust us with your pets. Our plans are simple but they are effective for your pets, we cover all the important areas well. The pet cloud facility lets you get in touch with vets, medical records and much more. This is one beneficial service you need for your pets.

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