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I am exceptionally satisfied with my insurance. The main reason I didn't give 5 stars was that the claim procedure time is somewhat longer than I would have hoped for. Overall, I am happy with Embrace Pet Insurance. I have seen them as reasonable while reimbursing me for vet charges. The one thing I am upset about is the amount they have increased my premiums this year.

I am a raiser of 2 healthy cats and one small Shih Tzu dog. Currently i can only afford insurance policy for 2 of my pets. I already had one for my dog so i got another policy for my older cat as she had a weaker immune system. Sadly i had to file for a complain pretty soon after i purchased their policy. My maid accidentally stepped on my cat's paw which got her a hairline fracture right above her paw. The treatment was done and the claim was handled proficiently. I totally love their services. Amazing work! 5 stars.

I love my pets way too much and they are like my family. I have 2 persian cats and 1 dog. For their protection and safety. I had heard good for the company Embrace pet insurance so it was the first place i headed to to get an insurance policy for my pets. It was affordable for me as i believe it is worth it. Last year my dog got his leg fractured which was treated and when i claimed for the coverage i was responded instantly. I was highly satisfied with their customer service as well. I highly recommended

I have a pet that I have for some time and she's near two. I saw what every one of the people paid for if anything turned out badly with their pets, so I thought I'd get a pet insurance. I went to the Embrace Pet Insurance site and I expected that they knew what they were talking about. They're a quite large company and if they were supporting something, it should be great. In this way, I went and got a policy with them and I have it for four months now. Their reps have been exceptionally decent and easy-going, as well.

If pet insurers were measured by customer satisfaction alone, Embrace Pet Insurance would have a strong case for being the best pet insurance company.We had a puppy that we enrolled with Embrace. Embrace makes it very easy early on, to understand exactly where your pet stands as far as it's pre-existing conditions. The processing time is just fine. Claims are handled quickly and periodic updates provided until a claim is settled.It doesn't take very long to get money back. They take very good care of my pet and they help me provide the things I need to do for my pet. It's very fair priced. Health insurance is a must for your pets, and I would definitely recommend Embrace!

My experience with the EPI has been second to none. They have always been very attentive and caring towards their clients and process the claim promptly. I once lost my cat to cancer and was very sad Bob the agent called and send his deep condolence. That was very encouraging and considerate of him. The customer service is just exceptional. The reimbursement statements are easy to understand and it is always pleasing and satisfying that I have a best health protection for my Cats.

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Taking care of your pets responsibly is not always easy. Some times you will need another party to step in and take your worries away. Embrace Pet Insurance is the company where you need to insure your pet for their brighter future. Our policies are plain and easy to understand for everyone. You can get all the information by getting in touch with our specialized staff and get their guidance to select the insurance program which you think will suit you and your pet. You can also get further useful information on the official website of Embrace Pet insurance company.

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