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Dartmouth Financial helped me work out a resolution for my internal revenue payment, and the experience was superb. I had a few issues with my federal taxes' internal revenue. When I was satisfied, I signed an agreement with them and sent it back. Their specialist walked me through step by step. They worked superbly and if a friend of mine had a similar problem I would recommend him to Dartmouth Financial.

Dartmouth is the best company. I found this company's ration high on the internet while I was looking for a reasonable company to reduced my tax bill. I signed up with the company and rep was very nice and assured me to provide me assistance and negotiate with the tax authority on my behalf. My communication skills are no so good and also I do not know much about the tax bills as a lay man. So Dartmouth team proved to be my savior and presented my case to the authorities. my bill was reduced to 75%.

I wanted to negotiate my tax bill down and I contacted the reps at the Dartmouth Financials on my friend's recommendation and they were really responsive and supportive. They connected me with the highly professional guy who assessed my situation and help me enrolled. He walked me through the process and guided me about ow to make payment. They kept contacting me and followed up until my bill was reduced. Highly recommended.

I owed the IRS $5000 and I couldn't pay it. When I heard the Dartmouth Financial from my friend who previously had the same issue, I called them with the goal that I can try to get IRS off my back. The people from Dartmouth Financial have been all around friendly and supportive. They've been helpful. The people at Dartmouth Financial are really professional. Everything was fine with my experience with them.

My brother told me regarding doing tax relief and alluded a person. When I called up there, I conversed with him. I was in the hospital at the time and I revealed to him I required some assistance. He instructed me to prepare my papers and fax them to him. He took a look at them and informed me to pay him concerning $350. I've been paying them consistently and I don't have complaints. If I get a letter, I get back to him to inform him concerning it. He lets me know not to stress and simply keep the letters. I believe he's been working with me genuine well and I acknowledge what he's doing. I'm happy that he did it for me since I couldn't have taken care of it as he had.

The company can prevent wage garnishment, write up an offer in compromise, negotiate an installment agreement, and even get your tax debt total reduced by dropping late payments and other penalties. Every tax situation is different, so Dartmouth works with each client to develop a personalized plan. It negotiates with the IRS and other tax authorities on the client's behalf to alleviate stress and ensure a quick resolution. I felt so comfortable talking to someone so knowledgeable in this subject. Was treated condescendingly and had n confidence in their ability to help minimize tax liability. Our commitment to personal attention has developed the client confidence and trust that have been instrumental in building the success we enjoy. If you're looking for professional, well informed & highly capable tax consulting I highly recommend checking them out.

Dartmouth is the best tax consultants and I just love these guys for being so professional, honest and cooperative. I hired them to stop the payroll levy. They are just a call away whenever I have any query or tax related issue they respond immediately and explain everything in detail patiently. They assured me that they will contact the IRS reduced my liability and came up with the best equitable solution to avoid lavies. The fee was flat and affordable and never had to pay extra service charges. They took just 15 days to get moving because they provided all the information to the IRS in an efficient manner. Highly recommended.

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