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I looked for a moving company and one of my friends suggested to them and then I called Budget Truck Rental. They were helpful and gave me a lot of information. They asked me to go through the items that I’d be moving, and afterward, the rep sent me over a quote immediately, which was great and within my budget. It took two or three days, and afterward, we signed the contract. I am happy with the experience.

Moving from San Francisco to Seattle, we used Best Price Moving and Storage and the procedure went smoothly. We needed to consider them a few times to get a great deal of the details that we believed we required and they gave us exact information. The first quote that was given to me was $3500. It's good for them to turn out and take a look at what we got and afterward give a quote instead of giving an estimate over the phone. I highly recommend Best Price Moving and Storage.

BSI Financial Services offered me a better interest rate with little charges that different banks weren't offering. Also, the customer support was better than expected. I called the rep directly and he was extremely quick and mentioned to me what he can give me, and we got really close to that initial part that he said. It required some time to get my appraisal, however, I was informed that for our area, the appraisers were slow. I have recommended it to a couple of other people.

I wanted to buy a house and I was told that Bayview Loan Servicing was affordable. The online application didn't really work, so we needed to do it through email. In any case, the rep worked superbly. There were a lot of delays at their side and a little bit of delay at my side. Overall, I was quite glad. My loan consultant was responsive as far as the turnaround. I would recommend them.

I was satisfied with the arrangement for my Sister's Birthday. However, it didn't appear as though the photo I chose. Overall, I would say the service is extraordinary! There is always an opportunity to get better yet customer support is incredible. Whenever I have called with an issue or need help, the agents have reacted well to my needs. I will order again.

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