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Bayview Loan Servicing recently purchased my home loan from BOA. Everything I can say that it has not been working out in a good way. I was a month behind when I attempted to pay for the month I was behind. Bayview Loan Servicing requested that I pay for 3 months. I am just a month behind. I can't make any payment until I pay for 3 months. Remember that I am just a month behind.

I wanted to buy a house and I was told that Bayview Loan Servicing was affordable. The online application didn't really work, so we needed to do it through email. In any case, the rep worked superbly. There were a lot of delays at their side and a little bit of delay at my side. Overall, I was quite glad. My loan consultant was responsive as far as the turnaround. I would recommend them.

Bayview loan servicing company is so amazing. They offer remarkable services. I needed some refinancing for my home and was looking out for a genuine helping hand. There is no source better than Bayview loan servicing for mortgage lending. I got my policy plan at a reasonable price so i would also state that it is cost effective as well. The staff was extremely cooperative and vigilant. Whenever i called them up for any query they instantly responded back which was highly appreciated by my wife and me. In all honesty, this company is doing its best so 5 stars for them.

Bayview loan services is so great. Thanks to my best friend who suggested me to get the home loan from this reliable company. I was always so nervous about getting a loan. My friend recommended me based on his personal experience. I went to them with my wife for a guide to the contract and all the details attached to it. The next day we went again to apply for the loan. We were so excited to finally start on our dream. They have been a great help to us. Excellent communication with the customer support department as well. Thumbs up!

Bayview Loan Servicing had the best rates. I applied for a mortgage with them since I was buying a property. The loan procedure was phenomenal. Everything went easily and timely. I was always ready to reach them. They always responded rapidly to my inquiries and everything went incredible. My associations with their reps were extraordinary. I've written an email to them saying thanks to and telling them that it was simple and I appreciate their assistance. I would use Bayview Loan Servicing once more.

Chan F.    
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1 year ago

My mortgage interest rate, which was 9.7, was too high and ridiculous. I tried one time to get my mortgage refinanced however around then, they couldn't do it in view of my credit score. Be that as it may, I completed it now. The agent communicated my paperwork, what I required, and what to do. At that point he returned. We filled out the paperwork when we shut. There was additionally a lady I lady to start with and she was exceptionally decent. I was managing Bayview Loan Servicing for quite a while and they have been pleasant and straight on with me. The guidance when I refinanced was great and my regularly scheduled payment is lesser at this point.

Bay view was my first choice to sell my mortgage loan and will always be last. The installment plan is just so amazing and I am able to pay the monthly bill with so ease. I would have never been able to keep my house because I became jobless after the recession hit the country and faced really hard times. I used my savings to pay the mortgage but the company raised the interest and it became impossible to keep my house. Bayview offered me a plan that was according to my income and needs. Highly recommended.

My loan was bought by Bayview Loan Servicing 9 months ago .Bayview Loan Servicing helped me to keep my home. My plan is to keep my word and pay this lower monthly amount .They were taken care of and I now have a mortgage that I can afford on my fixed income.This extensive selection of mortgage solutions virtually ensures the majority of borrowers will be able to find an option that meets their needs.Meaning they offer plenty of courses to help you either become a better leader or to assist in managing your day better.The work environment itself is desirable.Thank you Bayview Loan Servicing.

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