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Last year my parents gifted me my dream car. I had the car but I was always worried while driving it around scared of damaging it. That's when it occurred to me that I should secure my car, after all it is one of my assets. I researched and shortlisted some companies and ended up going to American Access Casualty to get my hands on some reasonable yet reliable insurance policy. I went there with expectations and I am happy to say that they did not let me down. 2 days ago, I hit my car against a pole by mistake and it took me a while to realize what a good decision I had made. I am in touch with their concerned department. My coverage process is going on, they are pretty fast at it.

American Family Insurance company has got me covered since the past 3 years. 9 out of 10 times, I have had excellent experiences with them, whether it was getting information, getting the policy or getting the coverage. I got my insurance policy customized as I wanted it to suit well to my specific requirements. They were very helpful in that matter as well and protected the way I wanted to be. I have only used their coverage service once in 3 times and it is safe to say, it was as efficient as the rest of their performance so I would definitely recommend it.

I own 2 cars and both of them are very close to my heart so I got them insured by Amica Auto insurance company. They gave me quite handsome saving opportunities which I very much appreciate. The insurance policy was also affordable as I was satisfied with the rates. I had to claim to get coverage when one of my cars was damaged from behind. It happened 4 months ago. I was expecting a long process ahead but I am glad it all happened quickly and I got my car fixed. They have a competent staff as well which is cherry on top.

I was suggested by a close relative to go to Auto Owners Insurance to protect my car. I was convinced so I went ahead with the process. I was happy to see a helpful and a warm team to welcome me. Their representative was very attentive towards my requirements and I even got discounts that helped me keep my pocket from getting broke. I got coverage for my car a week back and it was also done skillfully and smoothly which has actually reduced my tensions for good. Not to forget, this company is also very active and efficient at its roadside assistance service. Thumbs up!

I live in Houston since the past 10 years. When I got my first car, it was 7 years back and it got damaged due to an accident. That is when I made a promise to myself to get my car a protection policy. I was financially able to get the policy around 4 years back and I think it was the best decision made for my car. I went to Automobile Club of Southern California. I was welcomed to their closest branch where they met all my requirements with a very satisfying attitude. They answered all my questions and my coverage plan was secured within a week. Highly recommended.

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