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I recently was frantically looking around for a good pest control company. My previous experience was not good as the results were not long lasting so i wanted to find some other company. That is when i came across Southern pest control company. They booked my appointment and came on the set date and time. Highly professional workers and they were also punctual. The charges were a bit high but it was worth it as the whole experience was pretty smooth.

After calling many companies to get quotes, I found that Southern Pest Control was the most reasonable and within my budget. The best part was that they just use all-natural ingredients. They tell me when my yearly inspection is expected, set a convenient time for me and give me a written evaluation. They are magnificent. I would without hesitation recommend Southern Pest Control to anybody with needs.

Getting good pest control services had almost become impossible for me. I had shifted newly to this house and i was unaware of good pest control companies in the town. So glad to have come across Southern pest control services. They were so good at dealing with us. The best staff i must say. They were super efficient in controlling the bugs especially the cockhroaches. They charged us a price that was in our range so all my concern was the effectiveness of their treatment which so far has been excellent. I would really appreciate and recommend this company to all.

Southern pest control has been the ultimate solution to my house. I have availed their pest control services twice. They are great in my opinion! I got rid of cockroaches in summers. It was such a chaos. I hated it but they got it all sorted for me. Then in spring evenings we faced a lot of mosquitoes getting into our house and buzzing around in our porch and lawn area. I got the treatment done by their extremely professional team. They are too good at what they do. A professional and expert team in dealing with such matters! Highly recommended.

I have used southern pest control services for mosquitoes. I live in an area where there is a lot of greenery and around evening my garden and garage is full of mosquitoes making their way inside from the doors and windows. It was getting too annoying so i availed the services from southern pest control. They had a wonderful team of experts who handled the issue technically and in an effective manner. It was not too expensive either to my surprise. And my home felt so much at peace after their awesome services. Highly recommended. Amazing work at good rates.

I've had a great experience with Southern Pest Control up until now. With the latest service I've had, I went to their office to schedule it. I revealed to them my concern and they turned out the next day. It was simple. I had a spot that I had them turned out and check for termites, which weren't termites. Be that as it may, they checked it for me anyway and after that, they did a service. It ended up being a water issue.

Southern Pest Control offers? a variety ?of specialty services like bee nest removal, fire ant service ?and mosquito service.They provides efficient and economical pest elimination and management services . They are very attentive and do a good job of getting the spots where we have seen bugs. Very good company. They got rid of our voles and our box elder bugs. They were always careful. They also got rid of multiple wasps in high places. I love the guarantee that they will come back in between services for free if there are any issues that they don't catch while there for your service call.

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  • Phone: (800) 627-0577
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  • Website: www.southernpestcontrol.com

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