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Orkin came a month back to annihilate the basement. When the technician turns out, he doesn't call us or anything. He just services the outside. It was an awful experience. I try calling the number. It's an automated number. Nobody ever returns my call and afterward, they don't show up on that scheduled time. So when I see those notifications I basically ignore them. I'd not recommend them for sure.

Obie M.    
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1 year ago

Orkin proved to be a great choice of my husband. After a lot of research we decided to give this company a try and get rid of the pests invasion at our home! In summers it really got out of hand so we called them in on a week day. They got it all under control. They sent over 3 staff members who seemed to be highly trained. We got their services at a really good rate so it all was satisfying as the results were long lasting too. It has been 4 months since the treatment was done. Recommended!

Orkin moving company has provided me with excellent services. I had to move my house to Boston. They sent over their best experts to my place on time and the work got started right away. They handled all my things very carefully. Top notch services i must say! They also charged me reasonably. I was expecting my budget to go drained but it did not so i would say it was quite effective. Over all they showed professional behavior and was family oriented too. 5 stars for the company and their well trained team. I would highly recommend it. Awesome!

I love Orkin services! I was so fed up of cockroaches roaming here and there in my house especially the washrooms. I tried everything. All repellents, powders and sprays but nothing was long term. They would come back again and again. They laid eggs too so it was never ending cycle. It is then i hired the Orkin's team to solve this problem for my family as it was getting out of hand. They provided with affordable services, the rates were okayish. Not too high. Over all the service was also effective. It has been 4 months and there are no insects spotted so hats off to them!

I am extremely happy with Orkin's pest control facility. They have provided two of our homes with their remarkable expertise. My sister was also happy with the end results and so were we. They charged us reasonably and we got rid of termites and cockroaches from our home. They provided us with their best team members for this whole procedure. I called them and set a time over the weekend. My home feels cleaner now as well as hygienic. The quality products they use are probably the key to permanent riddance. No sign of both the issues till now. Highly recommended.

Orkin recently turned out for my quarterly service. We meet at the door and we talk a little bit about what I should be sprayed and he deals with everything. He is great. I had another person this week however the technicians are extremely proficient about anything I've had if I've seen anything. They adjust their spray and do different bugs. Be that as it may, I like having the same person to come. I like knowing who is coming to my home.

I have been with Orkin a couple of years.I trusted Orkin with the job to rid my home of cockroaches. They came in every 2 weeks for 3 months and i was still as infested as the day I called them. The technician that came to spray has always been very personable and helpful.Orkin guarantees their work, so the few times pests did return before the next treatment, they sent a technician with a complimentary treatment. The guy knew the source of the problem and took the correct actions to exterminate the pests. Quick and easy.Took care off roach infestation.Termite treatment and follow up.Highly recommended for product that works and great customer service!

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A pest problem at your home can be quite a nuisance for you and your family members. However, you do not have to worry as Orkin will get hold of this issue and give you the best pest control services. Our team is highly trained at providing you with this services. All you have to do is get in touch with us and we would do the rest. Our services provide long lasting results for pest control, termite control, bed bug control and mosquitoe control. We have quality supplies to get you rid off this little creatures at reasonable rates.

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