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It was such a problem when we spent some time into the new house we shifted too. The pest problem started to arise and it heightened when summers approached. I was so unhappy and in distress because of this. We tried many home remedies and repellents available over the counter but none worked for long. My children were also getting affected. We found out about Ecolab pet control. This company was the source of riddance from pest. All the bugs were wiped off thanks to their amazing products and services. They have us long lasting results at a very reasonable price!

Ecolab is fabulous! I have never experienced such a great service from any pest control company. I have tried others before and frankly speaking they were not effective. This one is a bit pricey for me but the quality of service they gave us was incredible. They were expecting cooperative and came in with a trained team. Each corner of my house was effectively treated. Even the mattresses of my daughters were cleaned off bugs. I am so thankful to their quality work and a friendly team. It all turned to be easily solved because of their tirelessly done efforts!

Eco Lab is great company to get the homes free of pest. They have a number of other services as well but so far i have used their pest control services. My kitchen and washrooms were the main two areas under attack. They have a very skilled team and highly effective equipment. It has been over 6 months now, they came for a regular check and i am glad we got rid of the problem. I totally felt at ease getting work done from their team at the time i called them in. They were quick at it as well!

When I got our home we had termite damage real awful. We got Ecolab Pest Control out and it's been 3 years. They come quarterly and once per year they do termite checks. I'm staying with them since they generally say they come back once they start. It like their home. They, for the most part, call me in case I'm home and afterward, they'll turn out because I don't know when I'm ever here. The technicians were great. They are in a time in doing their work and it's exceptionally satisfying to me.

The Pest Monitor newsletter contains information to help maintain a pest-free environment in Food and Beverage Processing and Handling facilities.I have called and set up two times to have a tech come to my home and spray for BUGS.Almost makes me want to have bugs so they can come. When you have the customer service they have you will pay whatever the cost.They showed up on time and they did the work and I was mostly happy. The cost were pretty reasonable for the work that they did .The tech was always helpful in explaining how to use a product and what to expect out of it. They are very professional, and they always make sure that we understand what and where were treated.They were fantastic!

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