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I have a Premium package....called two days ago with a water pump issue and obtained a claim number. Called today from the Ford dealer to get an authorization for repairs and my service advisor was instructed to email a quote which was done around noon. No response. I called three times and all three times was told that nobody was available to handle the claim but somebody would call. I asked who and when and was told “I don’t know maybe by the end of the day”. When I told them that was not acceptable they hung up on me!! Later received a call and conferences in the representative with the shop but no authorization. Asked about a rental car since my truck is in the shop for the weekend and was told they can’t authorize a rental car until the repair is approved and that I can only have one rental day for every 8 hours of labor. Well spent 5 hours today trying to get authorization for a water pump but guess what NO response!! Now have no truck for three days, no rental car, no repair authorization and have been hung up on three times!! The sales person and their website boasts hassle free and fast claims processing.....what a SAD experience with this company!!!!!!!!

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