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I have a 2017 model Toyota corolla. It's company warranty had ended so in 2018 end i got the extended auto warranty from protection direct. I am extremely happy with their services. They have been catering us so well till date. I faced an issue with the air conditioning wiring which was fixed by them. They offered complete coverage and the best part was that they were quick at it. In short, the provided me with the most efficient services in a hassle free manner. My vote will always be with this company. It is too great hence, highly recommended.

Select auto warranty is amazing and as the name suggests, it is something everyone would select! It is absolutely hassle free. I got my plan according to my needs. There were many things i did not require and the charges were also settles on my demands. The managers were super good to me. I went there with my fiancé. We were treated with great professionalism. The rates were the only thing which was concerning me as i needed some effective plan in limited cost. It has been a good journey with them so far. I highly recommend it to all others.

I was tired of getting disappointed with mere initial services of these loan companies. Last week, i researched and finalized my auto loan plan with rate genius auto loan. They had a team which showed professional behavior since the first call i made. What an amazing experience. They also provided me with consultation making sure i make the right decision for my self. I worked on it with them and got the most suitable plan for myself. Thanks to their help and guidance i am satisfied with the payment plan too. I can finally get my hands on the car i had in mind.

Extended auto warranty from a reliable company is all that i was seeking for. I was referred to Trust Mark auto warranty company by my boss. I wanted to provide security to my first ever car which is so close to my heart and i was looking for a 3rd party protection plan. Anyway, i ended up getting their plan according to my pocket 6 months ago. I have also recently used up their coverage work. It is great too. I needed the expenses covered for my gas pedal fix. They were efficient. I never had to wait much. Highly recommended.

US warranty has been too kind to my case. First of all i want to appreciate their staff. The employees are highly skilled and have a good grip in their expertise area. The manager who was dealing with me also showed professionalism and friendly behavior hand in hand. I felt at ease right away. I was thoroughly explained about everything their extended warranty policy plan had. No hidden information which deserves a thumbs up! I got a plan which suited me and my car the best. It is going well, even the coverage was given to me for a damaged window button last month.

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