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We're taking a look at purchasing a home. I applied for a mortgage and ran with Ditech Financial because their rates were better if taking a look at the overall cost to close. The loan procedure was great and simple as well. I worked with two of their people the whole time. I've had loans previously, so I sort of comprehended what I needed in terms of paperwork. Generally speaking, it's a positive experience with Ditech Financial and I'd recommend them.

For our first home, we availed of a VA loan from Everhome Mortgage Company. The procedure was super simple and I learned a lot. Their reps were educated and friendly. I worked with my agent and he was totally astounding and was on point. Each time I call, he generally answers or returns my call. Additionally, the rate is great. We're ready to purchase our first home and add on to our first home. They've been totally magnificent and I would recommend them to friends.

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1 year ago

I went through a mortgage service online for my new home and around 10 different organizations responded. Fannie Mae was one of the initial ones. I talked with them then I talked with other companies and I loved the appropriate answers that Fannie Mae gave me. They specialized in VA loans, which was what I was interested in and the people I addressed was anything but difficult to work with. He addressed every one of my inquiries and walked me through the procedure. I'd suggest Fannie Mae, particularly to anyone.

I wanted to buy another house and since I knew someone that worked at First Meridian Mortgage Corporation, I applied for a mortgage with them. Their loan procedure was fast and simple. I began in June and all the paperwork was finished in 30 days. It was fun working with First Meridian Mortgage Corporation. Their reps are amazing. They responded to my inquiries very well. I am definitely be going to recommend them to my friends and family. Must give them a try

I was searching for a bigger house and got a VA loan. Gateway Mortgage's rate was lower than anybody else’s and the loan officer I had was extraordinary. It was a lot easier this time around purchasing a house than it was in the first house that I ever bought. The procedure took a little longer since we lost one contract because of the VA appraisal yet it's in reality pretty quick. It took under 30 days once we found a house. The rep was fabulous and I appreciated his polished skill. I've referred Gateway Mortgage to two or three people that are searching for homes.

We were moving and Guaranteed Rate Mortgage Direct provided better rates over different companies so we got a loan from them. They were exceptionally helpful in trying to discover ways when we got stuck in different areas. However, the home fell through and we wound up turning around. Guaranteed Rate Mortgage was eager to work with us on another home and get everything squared away. Their service was great and they got us the home that we're as of now living in. We'd recommend them.

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