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I run a medium scale business in which I also own some vehicles. I had heard good reviews about USAA company and that is the reason I decided to get auto insurance policy from them. Before I made my final decision, I told them I needed a detailed session with them. They were very professional in their dealings. I have used their coverage service only once in the past 13 months and that experience was also pleasant. I have no time to waste so they made sure they saved my time by providing me with a hurdle free process. Recommended.

Quite a while back I had a house fire. My agent was outstanding. My house was revamped, During the time USAA rented an apartment for me. He worked closely with my contractor and the team worked incredibly well together. Now I get a lot of compliments on my home. I have been with this company for more than 3 years and they ensure all that I possess. I would not consider any other person and to the extent I am concerned there is just USAA.

I live in a residential community, so being able to go to the insurance agency if I have an issue is incredible. I like that I can pay my bill on the web, this thing makes my payment process smooth. If I have any issues, I can either call them, go to town and talk face to face, or look into my policy on the web. My husband did practically everything by switching over the insurance policy. We saved money switching and I like saving money. My overall experience and process of purchasing my auto insurance are great.

My dealings with USAA have been quite decent. The purchasing process was easy and straightforward. Everything from the options I was given to choose from, to the agent who explained the policy was without difficulty. The insurance agent was very informative, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to answer any questions you have.. I was very upset after my car was hit and engine starts leaking. I filed a claim .they make it quick and easy by taking information by phone, then giving you a choice of who to take your car to for repairs. I've had fantastic & comfortable overall experience. I will stay with this company until there is a good reason for me to change.

I had a real concern about the insurance agencies but then I got my USAA insurance. I got my home insurance covered from them. They are simply awesome. Their policy plans are way better than the other so-called agencies. I got my auto insurance covered by the other company but after the splendid service I got from USAA, now I am thinking to move my auto insurance as well. My agent is a professional in his field. It's highly recommended.

Neil B.    
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1 year ago

I am such a happy customer .It is quiet cheap and gives me best policy plans .i would also recommend to my friends.

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