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I wanted to improve my credit report by removing some creditors so that the over all score get better. I was applying for student loan for pursuing my post graduate program and my my credit score was negative. John was my agent who went above and beyond to remove some items and helped me secure good credit standing. He offered me a simple plan that was conveniently executable and in just 6 months my credit report showed the desired results. I am now pursuing my degree. Highly recommended.

The credit pros proved to be my savoir. I was in dire need of improving my credit score and reports to purchase a loan. A better credit score was my last hope. I had a bad experience with one of the credit repair company and could not afford another back fall. I put my trust in Credit Pros and I could not be happier and satisfied. My credit score improved in just 3 months and started increasing gradually. Because of CP I have a mortgage on a house. Love it!

Niall A.    
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2 years ago

I got them and they took care of my credit issue. Their reps were great and they were able to help lower my interest rate. They're amazing and it was a good experience.They helped me to rebuild my credit. Just getting a few things removed helped me to get approved for more credit which really helped to boost my scores.They gave me an excellent service from the beginning up to now.Great Job! I haven't expected this much in just a short amount of time. I've seen the vast improvement regarding my credit scores. They are the best far from the rest!!! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with credit repair needs.

I needed to determine a few issues that were pending, for example, inconsistencies and settlements. When I talked with an agent from The Credit Pros, I was impressed. Their guys were all brilliant and had great relational abilities. My agent was great and she generally let me know what was happening either through email or phone calls. They gave amazing guidance and I got all that anyone could need assistance. They took care of the job and got us back on the pathway to getting our credit fixed. I would recommend The Credit Pros to anyone.

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