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I got a call from PNC and they gave me info concerning the kinds of loans that they offered. I recently refinanced my old mortgage with them and the procedure went well. The PNC experts were extremely proficient and courteous, and they gave me exceptionally thorough guidance in examining my refinancing choices. By refinancing with PNC saved money on the time allotment of my loan and in addition on the interest rate, and it will spare me cash as time goes on. They're extremely knowledgeable and helpful for their consumers.

Nikita M.    
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10 months ago

I purchased loan from PNC in 2010 and have never had any complaint from the organisation. The interest rate is lower and getting the loan is just like breeze. The entire process is transparent, smooth and easy. My loan officer is an amazing person. She keeps me update about everything that is relating to my loan and in case of queries she explains everything patiently. I have had no issue so far with my loan servicing. I would recommend PNC to world.

My home mortgage was switched over to PNC Mortgage from a former mortgage provider.We have never had any issues with them. The few times we have had to call, they were very kind and welcoming. They supply me with a statement annually and I do not see any discrepancies.They were supportive and answered all questions in a timely mannor. As we were in a personally hard situation, we expected a high interest rate but after everything was done we are now on A very low interest rate so we could be happier.. It is really a hassle free and smooth process. I would highly recommend them and will not hesitate to use them again in the future!

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  • Adress: ,Pittsburgh,PA,United States
  • Phone: (888) 762-2265
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  • Website: www.pnc.com

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