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I'm truly happy with Pantaenius because it's not very expensive. They are reliable and they can cover that are leased which I'm almost certain others don't do. Also, they pay for misfortunes that are resulted in collisions. They are the best in boat insurance with the best customer service. Their policies are reasonable and work extraordinary, and they have great extra coverage options. I'm thankful to Pantaenius for making this process so easy.

This is the best insurance. They took good time to help me when the boat broke down and as I was not singled out for one choice the offered me a couple of different ways to repair the boat or pay the money as compensation. The insurance got expensive over time but despite that it was cheaper than other companies and I managed to save a good amount. Ii think this is the most worthy thing that I did for my boat. Highly recommended

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Pantaenius America Ltd. is a licensed insurance agent licensed in all 50 states.It is an independent corporation incorporated under the laws of New York and is a separate and distinct entity from any entity of the Pantaenius group.

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