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I got a really good dental insurance plan from Dental care last summers. My sister got into atv accident and broke her tooth which gave me a lesson that dental insurance is really important! I have used their services once and i have liked it so far. Initially, they provided complete assistance to me in the policy selection procedure. Made me familiar with all their programs, terms and conditions. The thing i liked about them is that there are no hidden charges or information which put me totally at ease. The staff has been very welcoming and helpful so far.

Nil S.    
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1 year ago

I've had them for years and their plans are great and many to choose from. Very comparable to "regular insurance" and offers just about the same discounts, but for less money. I've needed a crown the insurance paid its part and I paid a small copay which I didn't mind at all.I would like to see better coverage for certain dental work. Even if they had to raise the premium a little it would be worth it.The overall value of the dental insurance plan is great and is much better than a lot of competitors on the market. You get the best quality dental care available on the market. The dental plan is exceptional and I highly recommend it.

I got my dental insurance some time back. I never really faced any issues but in my opinion it is quite an important thing to do. I got my insurance from Dental Works. Their staff is really nice and warm. They were friendly to me when i first got in touch with them. The guy who was handling my insurance policy was highly cooperative who explained me everything that was written in the policy and how things will work. The terms and conditions and the cost of the policy. I would rate the staff 5 stars too. I used their coverage last month when i had sensitivity issues in my teeth and got the treatment. Recommended!

Dental works is just amazing. The office is really clean and welcoming and staff is extraordinary. I went for the urgent treatment as my tooth was hurting badly. They treated me immediately and I was relieved. I never liked going to any dentist but I just loved the Dental works. The prices are also affordable. I have found my dentist for life. I have never been so happy and satisfied. They also process the claim promptly. Highly recommended to anyone.

I never had to worry about appealing a claim or wait for their approval to get services done. I have had a procedure of crowns.Permits flexible scheduling, you see a dentist on half of the hygienist appointments. The company has never disputed a bill and payment is made sufficiently to the doctor's office. Premiums are reasonably low and % rates are pretty high.Had a great experience here at Dentalworks thanks to everyone for putting me at ease and helping me better my dental health. Competition is good but I am currently very satisfied with Dentalworks. Highly recommend this plan to anyone who does not have dental insurance.

DentalWorks has been my insurance company for a couple of years and I have experienced only the specific best medical attention each time. The majority of the specialists, medical caretakers and staff are extraordinary, and always treat me with generosity, sympathy, and empathy. They also clarify things clearly, which facilitates my brain and helps remove the fear out from being unwell. Their customer support is exceptional. I love their service. I would highly recommend them to everyone. They are simply awesome.

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Get your dental insurance from Dental Works. Your teeth are important and you need to take care of them as you would take care of any other part of your body. Whenever you get any dental issue you will be covered by us. Our dental insurance policy is properly drawn up and easy to understand by our clients. The dental work do not only include your teeth but all your problems related to your mouth. We have payments that you can make easily as we are a company which provides these policies and programs at an affordable price for you.

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